Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans: How do you think all those big ranches got started? Honest?

Tom Ping: How did they?

Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans: By stealing horses. Yeah, a fella down in Gold Creek once showed me how. All you need is a jackknife or a hot iron, and you just change the brand.

Tom Ping: There must be a way to get rich without stealing.

Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans: That's what the fella in the poorhouse said.

Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans: How about it, Tom? Just one winter huntin' wolves and we'll have more and quicker money than six months on the trail. You kill a buffalo, then you poison the meat with strychnine. Then you wait till the wolf that feeds on it dies of the cramps.

Tom Ping: Mm-mm. It's quick money, kid, but it's dirty.

Jehu: I was figuring on a... on a quiet supper.

Callie: Not tonight.

Jehu: Well, now, that's twice today I bet on the wrong animal.

Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans: I heard about a fellow named Granville Stuart - he started with nothing. Now he's got a big spread over in the Flat Willow country. He's got respect, political influence, everything. If he can do it, why can't I?

Tom Ping: Wolfer to rancher. Plowboy to president, huh?

Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans: Why not?

Tom Ping: Because I ain't seen a man yet that didn't step up by stepping down on somebody else! I liked you more when you stunk of cow, not wolf.

Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans: The stink will go, but the money's gonna stay!

Tom Ping: Yeah, well I won't!

Frank Chenault: We're givin' you a chance, Ping. Talk up if you're innocent.

Tom Ping: Innocent? Well, that depends on who the jury is. I'll tell you a couple of things I ain't guilty of. I ain't prayed on Sunday. Bought cows cheap on Monday. I ain't broke my word. I ain't climbed up high on somebody else's back or thought of myself better than another man. I ain't double-crossed a friend or made a little tin god out of money. Sure, I'm innocent. I'm as innocent as you. Or ain't you boys innocent?