Wally: I just wish I could teach them something besides boot-blacking.

Mickey: What's the matter with boot-blacking? We both like it very much! Right Kimmy?

Phantom of Krankor: Come closer!

Prince of Space: I'm close enough. Thank you anyway. The stench of your foul breath is more than my stomach can stand!

Prince of Space: Your weapons have no effect on me!

Phantom of Krankor: You there! Discharge the caustic vapors!

Phantom of Krankor: I am the Phantom of Krankor. Ha ha ha ha.

Phantom of Krankor: Attention, people of Earth: I am Ambassador Phantom, from the planet Krankor! I am rapidly approaching your planet... in the warship, which you have just seen.

Broadcaster: It's overloading every channel! What a powerful beam he must have! Look at that modulation!

Phantom of Krankor: I will arrive tomorrow night at precisely eight o'clock. At that time I shall make my wishes known to you. You will obey them... or die! Have a pleasant night's sleep... HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

Scientist: Wait! You can't! This is impossible!

Phantom of Krankor: Be silent. I am Dictator of Krankor. I assure you that the word "impossible" is a word which for me... does not exist!

Prince of Space: How many times do I have to demonstrate to you... your guns are worthless against me!

Phantom of Krankor: [to Prince of Space] Come on out or we're gonna kill some children!

Johnny: What's the matter with you, Mickey? This might be dangerous!

Mickey: I'm not afraid. If you are, go on home.

Phantom of Krankor: I've got ya now, ya scum!

Phantom of Krankor: Give everyone four hours off.

Prince of Space: There's no use firing - your guns won't work against me!

Prince of Space: Hold your fire! Your weapons are useless - let's try bare hands now!

Phantom of Krankor: Now, gentlemen, your time has come. Prepare to leave Krankor.

Scientist: What's that?

Phantom of Krankor: Prepare to leave. Each of you will enter a space capsule.

Scientist: What?

Professor Macken: What happened to my driver?

Phantom of Krankor: Come now, Professor. What a silly question. I can't be bothered to keep track of your worthless servants. We blasted him out of an airlock, so by now he's probably fallen into a star! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

Phantom of Krankor: [to Professor Macken] I have many wonders to show you: my castle, cut from the living rock, my giant guardian and so forth.

Mickey: One day, I'll drive a car as fine as the one he drives.

[referring to Prince of Space]

Johnny: And I'll make clothes that glow.

Mickey: Big


Mickey: too!

Johnny: I've been watching all morning, but it's no use.

Mickey: Why not?

Johnny: I think he only comes around at night.

Mickey: Why?

Johnny: He's evil and evil people always come around at night.

Mickey: If nobody's watching, they'd even come in the daytime.