Alternate Versions (4)

  • The original version was shot in black and white, but included a few color-tinted sequences. The ghosts were colored in red and shot on a blue background. These sequences were preceded by the message "Use Viewer" and followed by "Remove Viewer". In the prologue, director William Castle explain to the audience how the Illusion-O Ghost Viewer works (for the ghost sequences), while in the epilogue he invites the audience to bring the Ghost Viewer home to try to find more ghosts with it.
  • The original theatrical version had the main title/credits sequence in color. Subseqent 16mm and television prints were made only in black and white.
  • Some home video versions strip the movie of all Illusion-O features. The red and blue ghost sequences are rendered as regular black and white, the "Use/Remove Viewer" messages are eliminated, and the William Castle prologue and epilogue are entirely removed. The film was presented this way on VHS and Laserdisc. One side of the dual-sided DVD also presents the film in this manner (the other side presents it with all Illusion-O features intact).
  • The 2001 DVD release includes both the B&W non-Illusion-O edit, as well as the original Illusion-O version, featuring the red-blue tinted scenes and the William Castle prologue and epilogue. A Ghost Viewer is included inside the DVD case, along with a liner booklet, and the dual-sided disc (one side Illision-O, the other non-Illusion-O). Sadly, more recent production runs of the DVD eliminate the Illusion-O side, the liner booklet, and (accordingly) the Ghost Viewer.