Buck Zorba: That was Emilio.

Cyrus Zorba: Who?

Buck Zorba: Emilio! He killed his wife, his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law with a meat cleaver. Whack! Whack! Whack! You'd better stand over there

[points to wall]

Buck Zorba: .

Cyrus Zorba: Why?

Buck Zorba: He doesn't mess up the kitchen often, but when he does, WOW!

[meat cleaver hits the wall]

Buck Zorba: . Now Emilio is through.

Hilda Zorba: Now *I'm* through

[takes off apron and storms out of the kitchen]

Hilda Zorba: .

Ben Rush: Are you all moved in?

Buck Zorba: There wasn't anything to move except us.

Buck Zorba: [making a birthday wish] I wish we owned our own house, and all our furniture that nobody could take away.

[wind blows through the windows and blows out the candles, somebody knocks at the door]

Buck Zorba: [to Ben] There's a witch in the house. Ring the bell; she'll answer.

[Ben rings the bell, Medea answers]

Buck Zorba: What'd you do that for? You should've let the Witch answer it.

Medea Zorba: You need to stop calling her that or she'll cut your tongue out.

Buck Zorba: Elaine?

Elaine Zacharides: Yes, Buck?

Buck Zorba: You really are a witch, aren't you?

Elaine Zacharides: Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies.

Buck Zorba: [as Ben walks in the door] Ben, I found it!

[grabs the railing and shakes it to reveal the hidden area in the stairs]

Ben Rush: Good boy! Have you told anyone else about this?

Buck Zorba: Course not! Let's tell them now.

[Runs towards the dining room; Ben grabs his arm stopping him]

Buck Zorba: Ow! You're hurting!

Ben Rush: Sorry, Buck. We can't tell them yet.

Buck Zorba: But we're moving out tomorrow!

Buck Zorba: There's furniture and books and most of it I haven't even seen yet.

Van Allen: Oh Cy, where are you?

Cyrus Zorba: Explaining how man survived the Pleistocene age.

Van Allen: How did he? And why?

Cyrus Zorba: All you have to do is find Elaine Zacharides.

Van Allen: I don't have to find her. She's the housekeeper.

Hilda Zorba: The moving men are here again.

Cyrus Zorba: They won't wait?

Hilda Zorba: Nope.

Cyrus Zorba: Not till tomorrow?

Hilda Zorba: Nope.

[Cyrus learns he's inherited an old rundown mansion from his uncle]

Ben Rush: Dr. Zorba must have been quite wealthy at one time. Apparently, he spent it all on his experiments.

Cyrus Zorba: I seem to remember he was fooling around with the occult - spirits from the other world.

Ben Rush: Ghosts. Dr. Zorba collected ghosts from all over the world. You inherit them, too.

Cyrus Zorba: [chuckling] Come on.

Ben Rush: [deadly serious] They come with the house.

Medea Zorba: [Ben has just brought Medea home] That was a wonderful evening, Ben, thanks. How about some coffee before you go?

Ben Rush: No, thanks. Not tonight, I sure wish you and your family were staying somewhere else. This place gives me the creeps.

Medea Zorba: Oh, don't start with that again.

Ben Rush: Well, I worry about you, Medea. Just for me will you try to be a little careful?

Medea Zorba: For you, I'll pull the covers over my head tonight.

Ben Rush: [smiling] See you tomorrow?

Medea Zorba: I hope so. Good night, Ben.

Ben Rush: Good night.