This was shot back-to-back with Beyond the Time Barrier (1960). The combined shooting schedule was only two weeks. They became Edgar G. Ulmer's last American films.

At least part of the equipment in the lab, i.e., the sparking machine, appears to have been the same one used in B-movies since the 1930's.

Final film of Marguerite Chapman.

Deliciously skewered on Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode #623.

MCP gave the film an abbreviated release before it was picked up by AIP in 1960.

An Illinois punk rock group called The Amazing Transparent Man recorded on the Springman Records label from 1997 to 2004.

The titular character is named Joey Faust, a reference to the classic German legend Johann Georg Faust who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for worldly pleasures.

The rearview mirror in the getaway car in the opening scenes appears and disappears based on if the camera is filming from the hood of the car.

During the very last scene Dr. Ulof breaks the cinematic fourth wall as he looks directly into the camera, and asks the audience "What would you do?".