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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, it's not Bernard Wicki's DIE BRÜCKE we have to talk about. The director( Harald Philip) was "guilty" of some German thrillers - Jerry Cotton - and Winnetou( Karl May) westerns. I don't now if he adapted some Edgard Wallace novels...Maybe, as did Harald Reinl and Alfred Vöhrer. All these features hardly crossed the Rhine. Some, but not all. Back to this war film, I won't say it's boring, but I waited for a little more. Anway, it's not better than the British or American ones of the same decade. A group of elite German troops have jeopardize Russian army's plans. It was hard for me to follow this movie because I saw it with no subs and German spoken. So...

    But I watched it closely enough to admit it's was not a masterpiece, as was, I repeat, DIE BRÜCKE, shot one year earlier.

    The climax, that takes place on a bridge to be blasted, is the only sequence very to be remembered from this flick.

    But it is a rare gem however. Try it.