Clint Burton: If shooting starts I'll live long enough to kill you.

Pacer Burton: [Pacer, mortally wounded, visits his brother for the last time] Don't come no closer. I just want to make sure you're all right. Don't try to help me, Clint. I've been killed already... Stubborn about dying.

Clint Burton: Let me get the Doc!

Pacer Burton: Too late. Too late. The only thing to do now is to die.

Clint Burton: Pacer, for God's sake.

Pacer Burton: You live for me, Clint. Maybe some day... somewhere people will understand... folks like us.

Clint Burton: Oh, you'll be all right.

Pacer Burton: Unh-uh. When I was fighting off the other Kiowas... I saw the... flaming star of death. I gotta last long enough to go into the hills and die. I trust you not to follow me, Clint.

Clint Burton: [Pacer rides off] Pacer. Hey, Pacer!


Clint Burton: Pacer!

One Indian: Kiowa Pacer. Is it true, earth, round like ball, white man live on all sides?

Pacer Burton: That is true.

Another Indian: Tell me, why men on bottom not fall off?

Pacer Burton: I've never been there. Maybe they do.

[they all laugh]

Pacer Burton: All Ma and me ever got from Whites is mean looks and don't get uppish with us.

Roslyn Pierce: Oh, that's not true.

Pacer Burton: You were the worst. You made me feel it the worst. When I was little I liked you a lot. You were the only girl I ever liked a whole lot. But ever since you've been old enough to know, you never looked at me once without saying something in the back of your head. "He's Kiowa. Clint's all right, but watch out for Pacer."

Dred Pierce: If you hurt that child, I'll get you, you godless savage!

Pacer Burton: Stay where you are, Pierce!

Ben Ford: You heard Dred, Indian! Any harm comes to that girl and you're dead in a minute!

Pacer Burton: Just keep talkin', Ford and you'll be dead now!

Sam 'Pa' Burton: [at Neddy Burton's funeral] One thing from the bible she liked. "And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living." To me, Neddy, you were the mother of all living. You were life itself. God... just one thing... take care of this woman. Amen.

Pacer Burton: [as Pacer and Clint ride into town] You heard what pa said. No horsing around with Ros.

Clint Burton: Now, just a minute. What do you mean "horsing around"?

Pacer Burton: Well, ain't that what you're doing with her?

Clint Burton: No, it ain't.

Pacer Burton: You mean, you mean it?

Clint Burton: And what if I do?

Pacer Burton: With a gal that wears britches?

Clint Burton: What's wrong with a gal that wears britches?

Pacer Burton: Well, ain't nothing wrong, but, uh, on second thought, you might look pretty good with skirts on.

[Clint laughs]

Tom Howard: [as the Burtons and their guests finish dinner] Whole supper was just great, Mrs. Burton. Of course, like Will and me always say, when it comes to cookin', no one would ever guess you was any different from... well, our ma or anybody else.

Neddy Burton: I'm really proud you liked it Tom. Just a little more cake?

Tom Howard: [Tom chuckles] No, ma'am!

Clint Burton: If anybody follows us, they'll be pure hell to pay!