Tulsa McLean: [while trying to pry a sandwich out of a baby's hand] Army manual, section 43 - when in hand to hand combat with the enemy, apply judo chop to the back of neck. Oh, if you was only my size, you little rascal.

Lili: I didn't think I would see you again.

Tulsa McLean: Yeah, that goes for me, too. Yes, sir, I'm sure glad I had to babysit tonight.

Lili: Oh, you like babies?

Tulsa McLean: After they grow up.

Lili: Come on, you poor millionaire. I'll buy you a drink. Honey.

Tulsa McLean: Thanks, ma'am.

Lili: I don't like ma'am.

Tulsa McLean: Neither do I. Honey.

Lili: For those who do not know 'Liebe' translated, means love.

Tulsa McLean: Oh, you don't have to explain that you a G.I. That's one of the first words he learns when he gets over here.

Lili: Ah, you too, Tulsa?

Tulsa McLean: Oh absolutely. Like 'Liebe dat Sauerkraut'.

Lili: I was not thinking of sauerkraut.

Tulsa McLean: [to a crying baby] At ease! At ease!

Tulsa McLean: [about the baby] I think he's getting ready to bust loose again.

Trudy: I borrow a car from my uncle Otto, we go drive tonight?

Tulsa McLean: We gotta play tonight.

Trudy: Ja wohl.

Tulsa McLean: I mean here.

Trudy: But I borrowed the car.

Tulsa McLean: Maybe later, keep your engine running.

Tulsa McLean: Lili? Now this isn't the time and it's certainly not the place...

Lili: Well, of course I'll marry you. I love you.

Tulsa McLean: Where are we going tonight, honey?

Lili: I'd prefer'd if you didn't call me honey.

Tulsa McLean: You didn't mind it inside.

Lili: Now we're outside.

Tulsa McLean: But I got the idea you and me kinda hit it off.

Lili: Ah. You and Herr Klugmann have much in common.

Tulsa McLean: Er, now, wait a minute, honey.

Lili: No honey.

Tulsa McLean: Look, if you and I are going places tonight...

Lili: We are not going any place. You helped me get rid of Herr Klugmann. Thank you. Now I'm going home.

Lili: I have something to confess. Last night when I sat down at your table I thought 'oh oh, another one to watch out for'.

Tulsa McLean: And when you sat down I figure 'wow, now here she is. The gal I heard soooo much about.

Lili: Oh, I have a reputation?

Tulsa McLean: Yeah, but it's a good one. You're supposed to be a cold potato. A human iceberg. The original fish eye.

Lili: Oh, please. So many compliments will go to my head.

Tulsa McLean: [singing] Can't you see, I love you, / Please don't break my heart in two. / That's not hard to do / 'Cause I don't have a wooden heart.

Tulsa McLean: Besides you don't have to pay us much.

Papa Mueller: How much?

Tulsa McLean: How much can you afford?

Papa Mueller: Nothing!

Tulsa McLean: We'll take it.

German Guitarist: You think it is slow... dull, ja?

Tulsa McLean: Nein! Not if you're with it; the rhythm guitar's just gotta ooze out

German Guitarist: Vas ist "ooze"?

Lili: Maybe show him: "Vas ist ooze"?