Dr. Ahmed el Kabir: [sailing across the Thames to his surgery, noticing Epifania attempting suicide] Hello, good day for a swim!

Epifania Parerga: I am not swimming, I am committing suicide

Dr. Ahmed el Kabir: Very good

Epifania Parerga: You don't understand, I'm killing myself

Dr. Ahmed el Kabir: Well, it is our common destiny, good day

Epifania Parerga: You're not a man, you're an Englishman!

Epifania Parerga: Our marriage was just a succession of boxing matches.

Epifania Parerga: After all Adrian, I am made of flesh and blood.

Dr. Ahmed el Kabir: You certainly are.

Epifania Parerga: I'm very susceptible to sex appeal.