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  • A jinjoistic picture , praising the feats of the Nationalist forces against Republicans , blending real deeds , documentary as well as fiction and there are breathtaking warlike set-pieces . Before the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) a group of Falangist friends (Adolfo Marsillach , Mario Berriatua , Jesús Puente , Manuel Zarzo) with high commitment dream a revolution to change Spain and deliver leaflets about it . Then , the war outbursts and López (Adolfo Marsillach) is detained by anarchist groups (CNT , FAI) who carry out bloody executions . López is about to die at a firing squad when there appear the Nationalists and he flees . He is wounded , healed by the beautiful Pura (Carmen De Lirio) and helped by a Republican (Antonio Casas) . Meanwhile , strong battles take place : Madrid siege , Jaráma , Guadalajara , Madrid , Ebro , Brunete , Belchite in which López takes part and executing dangerous assignments , getting essential objectives to avoid advance of the Republican forces , being subsequently promoted to army captain . As Spanish Republican forces fight against the better-equipped Francoist armies in several battles until its final defeat . 1939 , war is finished ; 1941 , UN (United Nation) , orders a world blockade against Spain and López is assigned by Mencia (Jesús Puente) to proceed a new mission : get to infiltrate himself into the ¨Maquis¨ or rebel Guerrilleros (led by José Luis Martin) who operate in Northern Spain , and subsequently doublé-cross them and destroy all the ¨Maquis Partidas¨ .

    Propaganda film about adventures and misfortunes carried out by a brave soldier , Adolfo Marsillach , against the Republicans and during post-war against the Maquis . This is a fiction/documentary film written/directed by Leon Klimovsky based on the book of same title written by novelist and screenwriter Emilio Romero . It includes an overwhelming chase on the roof in which Mario Berriatúa is relentlessly pursued and killed as well as spectacular scenes of fighting , shootouts , tanks , bombing raid but adding a lot of stock footage . Evocative cinematography in black and white war film well photographed by Ricardo Torres , shot on location in Campamento , Alcobendas , Alto Leones De Castilla , Madrid , Cangas de Onís , Covadonga , Pola De Siero , Playa Rodiles , Playas De Candás , Asturias, , Segovia , Castilla y León and Viso Del Marqués, Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha .

    The motion picture was compellingly directed by Leon Klimovsky and won National Syndicate of Spectacle award , it had Special Award Best Film for León Klimovsky and to Compañía Industrial Film Español S.A. (CIFESA) for its high moral and political values . Klimovsky was a good and prolific craftsman . Klimovsky was born on October 16, 1906 in Buenos Aires, Argentina as León Klimovsky Dulfano . Founded Argentina's first film club in 1929 . Began his film career making short movies . Settled in Spain in the 1950s and became a Spanish citizen . He was a director and writer , known for his terror films as La Noche De Walpurgis (1971), La Orgía Nocturna De Los Vampiros (1973) , La Saga De los Drácula , La Rebelión De Las Muertas , Doctor Jekyll Y Hombre Lobo , but he also directed other genres as Wartime : Operación Rommel , A Ghentar Si Muore Facile , The Legion of No Return ; thriller : Mean Mother ; Western : Reverendo Colt , 2000 dollars for Coyote , Few Dollars for Django, Death Knows No Time , Rattler Kid , A dollar for Sartana ; and Drama : La Casa De Las Chivas , Salto a La Gloria .

    This ¨La Paz Empieza Nunca¨ belongs to Spanish Civil war sub-genre along with ¨The Last Train from Madrid¨ (1937) by James P. Hogan ; ¨Blockade¨ (1938) by William Dieterle ; ¨Comrades at Sea¨ (1938) or ¨Kameraden Auf See¨ by Heinz Paul ; the unfinished ¨Sierra De Teruel¨ (1939) is considered to be the best film about Spanish Civil War ; ¨Frente De Madrid¨ (1939) by Edgar Neville ; ¨Arise, My Love¨ (1940) by Mitchell Leisen ; ¨The siege of Alcazar¨(1940) by Augusto Genina ; ¨The Squadron¨ (1941) by Antonio Román , ¨Rojo y negro¨(1942) by Carlos Arévalo ; ¨The Fallen Sparrow¨ (1943) by Richard Wallace ; ¨For Whom the Bell Tolls¨ (1943) by Sam Wood ; ¨The Angel Wore Red¨ (1960) by Nunnally Johnson ; ¨La Paz Empieza Nunca¨ (1960) by Leon Klimovsky ; ¨Five Cartridges¨(1960) by Frank Beyer ; ¨Morir En Madrid¨ (1963) by Frederic Rossiff ; ¨Behold a Pale Horse¨ (1964) by Fred Zinnemann ; ¨Viva la Muerte¨ (1971) by Fernando Arrabal , among others