Mike Blackwood: There's absolutely no reason yet to fear the worst. Until now, we only know that the plane caught fire and we've lost radio contact.

Ann: Tell me, are you always so quiet?

Joe: You know, when you've lived on an island for a long time, you forget how to say nice things to girls.

Ann: Well, try at once.

Joe: Well, I'm really glad that your aeroplane crashed.

Joe: I don't know any girls and when I think of the ones I do, I'd rather work.

Ann: Same old story - you're nice to a man and before you know it, he's getting thrashed.

Joe: [to Bobby] For a guy like you, the worst girl in the world is too good!

Bobby: What are dancers? Hot goods for cold nights.

Nelly: Gary! Look what I just found.

Gary Webster: A hammer! There must be someone on this island! A hammer... with a long handle... It must be for the purpose of excavating some sort of metal, most probably Uranium.