During its first four seasons the series was sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, who apparently used their clout to put their cars on the show. The Baxters' family cars were always Fords. In the Spring of 1964, the show became one of the first to show its characters riding in a Ford Mustang, which had just been introduced to the market.

The exterior of the Baxter's home is the same one used by the Murtaughs in the Lethal Weapon films.

The vocal version of the theme song (sung by The Modernaires) was heard over the end credits of the series' first eight episodes. From episode nine to the end of the series, the theme was played in instrumental form only.

Based on the cartoons of Ted Key which appeared in the "Saturday Evening Post" magazine.

Hazel was the president of the sorority of maids, called the "Sunshine Girls"!

In French, Hazel's first name was "Adele", and so was the name of the series as well.

George's law firm was Butterworth, Noll, Hatch, and Baxter.

Shirley Booth, who portrayed Hazel, later provided the voice of Mrs. Santa Claus in 1974 film The Year Without a Santa Claus.

The family name is Baxter, which was the name of Whitney Blake's first husband and father of her real life daughter, Meredith Baxter.