An episode featuring comedian/John F. Kennedy impersonator Vaughn Meader was produced in mid-November 1963, just about a week before President Kennedy's assassination. The segment never aired on NBC or in syndication. There are no reports confirming if prints of the segment were archived or destroyed.

While most of the first-season episodes were filmed in black and white, at least two were filmed in color. "Double Trouble", in which Bishop plays himself and Joey Barnes, was filmed in color. "A Windfall for Mom" and "Five Brides for Joey" were also filmed in color.

During the first season, the theme song was "Sometimes I'm Happy" by Irving Caesar and Vincent Youmans. For the remainder of the series, the theme song was "Joey" by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen.

Seasons Two and Three were filmed in color. Season Four saw the series move from NBC to CBS and revert to black-and-white.