Sylvester Jr.: Oh, father, I do wish you would give up this inhuman hunt.

Sylvester: We're not huntin' inhumans. We're huntin' birds.

Sylvester Jr.: Oh, how can I face my friends? My father shooting at helpless old ladies.

Sylvester: Oh, look, son, she's about as helpless as a porcupine in a nudist colony. Sakes!

Sylvester: Okay, son. Start reading.

Sylvester Jr.: [Reading] In order to grow up to be a real cat, it is necessary to... chase birds, catch birds and... gulp!... eat birds? Oh, father! What are we, cannibals?

Sylvester: Yeah, he-he-he... ahem. That is how we cats survive.

Sylvester Jr.: Father, you're just not human.

Sylvester: Of course I'm not human. I'm a cat.