• WARNING: Spoilers

    In post-war Japan, people are working hard, but never so much more than the Yakuza. In the city of Yokosuka, Kinta and his lover Haruko brave the post-occupation period with a goal to be together... too bad her family has agreed to sell her to the highest bidding Yank in Japan.

    While Kinta deals with his relationship with Haruko, his Yakuza clan is faced with a serious problem. Sakiyama, a Hawaii-born Japanese ex-naval officer, is providing the clan with the scraps they need to feed their pigs... but with strings and dollars attached. As the gang shells out more and more money, Sakiyama begins to move his alliances..and so do the members of the gang.

    With the big boss in the hospital and the gang falling to pieces, only the pigs remain a constant occurrence in the life of Kinta. However, he doesn't realize what he has until it's too late.