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  • Spleen15 February 2000
    A large part of Disney's triumph cannot be detected by the naked eye. His last animated film had been `Sleeping Beauty', which was the most extravagant and spectacular animated film of all time (excluding `Fantasia'). It wasn't a financial success. `101 Dalmatians', much less extravagant, was. In the two years between `Sleeping Beauty' and its successor there had been a revolution. The entire army of inkers who had carefully translated animators' pencil drawings into smooth, flowing lines were replaced by a machine that simply photocopied. This changed the character of animation so much that `Dalmatians' is almost the precise opposite of `Beauty'. Outlines are rough and black; the entire film looks decidedly drawn rather than painted, even the bits that are in fact painted; and the rich variety of colour of Disney's earlier films has been replaced with the stark white-with-black-spots coat of a dalmatian, with the occasional splash of startling red. The art directors were as determined to get the most out of the new technology as they had been to get the most out of the old technology.

    And it has its own quiet extravagance. A title promising over one hundred spotted dogs was (probably still is) the kind of thing liable to make animators feel faint. It couldn't have been done without the photocopier; and even so, getting spots to stay in the right place on a featureless white background is a huge headache. None of this leaps out an audience. We simply see a hundred adorable dogs.

    The story is simple, clean, civilised, and warm. It moves slowly but this doesn't matter. Preventing the film from becoming lethargic is Cruella de Vil. She can drive like a maniac through the snow, smoke a cigarette through a holder the length of a sword, wave her arms like a windmill ... yet she handles quiet determination and gritted teeth equally well. Character animation doesn't get any better than this.
  • pmcollectorboy28 September 2000
    If there's any classic Disney movie that's less likely to be forgotten because of the modern Disney movies, this would be one of them. Part of the reason may be the live action version and its upcoming sequel. Skip those remakes and watch the real deal. The other part of the reason is because this movie is just so charming. Cruella De Vil is one of the more memorable Disney villains ever made. Romance abounds in this movie, and don't forget those adorable puppies. This may not have the animation or the big fancy songs of the moderns, but all that fanciness usually distracts from the story. Classic Disney always rocks, and this is no exception.
  • 101 Dalmatians is, no doubt, my all-time favourite story and also one of the greatest films I have ever seen. When I was small, I never got tired to listen to or to read the story, and because of thinking especially much about Cruella de Vil I very early noticed that in fact I like wicked characters. But, of course, the unforgettable dogs are best in the film. Because of this story I have loved real Dalmatians all my life and also thought that only the names of the film's dog figures are really suitable for Dalmatians. I have also read Dodie Smith's original story, and I was really glad that it's so much like the Disney film.
  • "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" is among my Mouse House's favorites.And Cruella is second only to Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent ,as far as the villains are concerned.Cruella's character is so vile that my wife gave that nickname to her wicked headmistress (who really looks the part)! Pongo,Perdita,their offspring and all the rest have a long way to go before tasting the quiet joys of home.Very good scene in the park when the two dogs fall in love and make their masters do the same.And during the long walk across the snow ,aren't they nice all these puppies? I did not like the remake (and its abominable follow-up) Cruella is a cartoon character and even a superior actress such Glenn Close was bound to fail.
  • C22Man31 October 2013
    One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a classic Disney film from the company's brilliant late 50's and early 60's period. The film has a number of Disney high points including fantastic supporting characters, great suspense and a heavy atmosphere. The film can be considered another excellent feature for the legendary company.

    The story sees Dalmatian Pongo and his 'pet' Roger find love with two of their kind in Perdita and Anita. When Perdita gives birth to 15 puppies the cruel Cruella De Vil wishes to buy them but is turned away. With the help of her bumbling henchmen she kidnaps the puppies in order to make fur coats of them. Its then up to Pongo and Perdita, with the help of a collection of animals, to find the puppies and return to London. The story is simplistic but wonderfully executed. It has so many great elements that make it such an engaging movie, from the way dogs view their owners to the many escape attempts.

    The characters are superb. Rod Taylor is perfect as the very likable Pongo who we see as brave and caring as the film goes on. The relationship between him and Perdita is better than most as they do care for each other. Cruella is one of Disney's stronger villains, it's the way she is so crazed and manic but always trying to be stylish that makes her so entertaining. Jasper and Horace are brilliant henchmen, supplying lots of fun comic relief. Their so inept and clumsy that there's never a dull moment with them. The team of the Colonel, Tibbs and the Captain are brilliant. The Colonel is lovingly silly and Tibbs is so likable due to his never say die attitude. Roger and Anita are good as they are presented as a normal pleasant couple. The other dogs that help out like Danny the Great Dane and Towser are nice, solid supporting characters.

    Though the rougher animation isn't to everyone's taste it does fit in really well here. The way it looks fits in with the gritty darkness of London and the wilds of the countryside, it's a nice change from the angular style of the films preceding it. When you consider the amount of puppies they had to animate it's an impressive feat. It is certainly one of the Disney's most suspense filled and exciting films. It's not very often that a Disney climax has a car chase and it's an outstanding sequence. The whole search for the puppies has a brilliantly tense feel and watching Cruella search for them has some really well made strong moments. This leads on to another highlight which is the atmosphere the film has. The whole 'twilight bark' is a great piece and the scenes where Tibbs and the Colonel investigate the matter have a really effective dark feel. These are underlined by the superb visuals of a gloomy London and the demonic looking 'hell hall'. The music is also very memorable as it contains the usual solid score Disney does, as well as the fantastic songs ''Cruella De Vil'' and ''Dalmatian Plantation''. The other effective scenes include a humorous look at how dog owners are similar to their pets and the what's my crime TV show that's funny.

    This is one of Disney's most entertaining movies filled with many great elements.
  • This film is beautiful, and superior to the 1996 live action version. The animation is just beautiful, and I delighted in seeing those puppies's tails wagging. Those puppies were very cute, and a lack of any voice overs in the 1996 version was sorely missed. The scenes like the Twilight Bark added a sense of poignancy to the well-written story.I also want to say, I absolutely love the book by Dodie Smith, and I am 16. Another high point was the villain Cruella DeVil(voiced to perfection by Betty Lou Gerson), who was truly diabolical in every sense. The dogs, Pongo and Perdy were very lovable, and their scenes with the puppies were often very touching. Supporting characters like Tibbs, Captain, Colonel, and of course Jasper and Horace were very well done. The songs, were not as memorable as the ones in the Jungle Book, but at least they were tuneful. In conclusion, a beautiful and entertaining animated film, that is underrated in my opinion. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One of Dodie Smith's friends once looked at the novelist's dalmatians and said: "Those dogs would make a lovely fur coat!" It's this single phrase that inspired Mrs. Smith and led her to write what was about to become her most popular and influential novel: "The Hundred and One Dalmatians". I don't know who was this friend and what was he/she doing for living and what was his/her name. But whoever this person is, he/she inadvertently changed popular culture forever. This shows at which point the simplest sentences can become monumental.

    Smith's novel was adapted by none other than Mr. Americana himself, Walt Disney. "101 Dalmatians" was Disney's first work of the '60s, the last decade of his life, but it doesn't mean that old age slowed him anyway.

    It is Disney's 17th animated-feature film and 7th focusing on furry animal characters. It's the story of Pongo and Perdita, a dalmatian couple, whose puppies have been kidnapped by Cruella De Vil, one of the most cruel and diabolical characters portrayed by Disney and his crew. Cruella collected every dalmatian she could, so she would be able to make a fur coat from them. But Cruella didn't plan that Pongo, Perdita and a whole network of animal companions would unite their efforts in order to win back the puppies and get home safely.

    As previously said, Cruella is by far the most interesting character of the lot. We never know how Perdita's mistress Anita became friend with Cruella, but we guess that Cruella's not interested in Anita: she only wants the dalmatian. Cruella has a scary look. She looks like an old witch. She doesn't respect anyone and she's only interested in her desires. That's what makes Cruella one of the creepiest and most interesting villains of Disney's universe.

    But my predilection goes to the puppies themselves, which are absolutely adorable and charming. My favorite scenes are those where Pongo, Perdita and their 15 puppies watch a western on TV.

    We don't get to know each one of the 15 puppies, but some are highlighted. There's Patch, who is probably the group rebel, with his black spot on his eyes and his love for hard words; there's Rolly, whose favorite phrase is: "I'm hungry" and there's Lucky who looks like the precursor of Generation X, because he always got the nose on the TV.

    The viewer is also introduced to the dogs' own communication system: the "twilight bark", which looks like a large-scale Chinese whispers game. This is wildly imaginative and it's one of the most fascinating aspects of the dogs' own world.

    Outside of the dalmatians, my favorite animal characters are the "military shed": a horse called Captain, a sheepdog called Colonel and, last but not least, Sgt. Tibbs, a courageous cat who is assigned to save the puppies from their countryside prison.

    Cruella is sided by two stupid and running-gag henchmen, Jasper and Horace. These two foolish guys provide most of the film's laughs and they're not too overshadowed by their horrible boss.

    Animation, even if it doesn't break any ground, is excellent, but not perfect. Victorian houses of London are well pictured, but it's not exceptional. It's the animals who are the best drawn. The dalmatians weren't easy to draw, because they don't have a uniform fur. Artists had to draw them white and then adding the black spots over and over, during 70 minutes of screen time. It must have been a monumental task.

    Every classical Disney aspect is here: drama (the main plot), comedy (Horace & Jasper and some secondary/tertiary events), fearsome elements (Cruella), suspense (Sgt. Tibbs' puppies rescue) and action (the climatic car chase). And let's not forget some potentially symbolic images, such as the dalmatians' long walk in the blizzard and the puppies watching TV.

    Also a thumbs-up for the music, and especially for the Cruella's title song. The soundtrack is mainly made from jazzy parts and it's very adequate.

    Another feature, another classic. Walt Disney never deceives us. After this film, we became more familiar with two elements, both from the title. First, the number 101, when heard, is almost instinctively associated with this movie, and so is the dalmatian dog itself. It's another success that both parents and children will like for generations to come.
  • One of the most lovely films of all,1001 dalmatians is one of the classics from Disney that all people should watch. I was surprised to know that it was made in 1961,because I watched it for the first time in 1993 (I was 7) and it looked a modern cartoon for me,such as Lion King.

    Pongo and Perdita (a couple of dalmatians) and their owners Roger and Anita, are living happily and peacefully in their new home,until Perdita give birth to some puppies: Cruela,the evil friend of Anita, wants to do a new coat,using the little dalmatian's fur. She kidnaps them,and now Perdita and Pongo needs to save their puppies,before being too late.
  • I liked this film mainly for its drawings. It was a departure from previous Disney animated films in that it had harder-edged drawings instead of the soft pastels. I found the detailed sketches of the building to be fascinating. I could actually watch this film with the sound off and just enjoy the artwork.

    I actually saw this movie AFTER the 1996 live-action version with Glenn Close so I was familiar with the story. The only deviation was that there were more animals involved in the rescue of the puppies in the latter version.

    The narration was very good in the beginning and film is okay, nothing super. It lags in a few parts, which is the only complaint I would have. It certainly is a nice story.
  • MovieFan98312 December 1998
    This is one of the best Disney movies made, it has wit, charm, colors, and just all together entertainment. I give 101 Dalmatians 9.5 out of 10.
  • Lion King has always been my favorite Disney movie. But One Hundred and One Dalmations is on my top 5. The movie is filled with so many laughs, you have to love it.

    Pongo is a lonely pup with his lonely musical master, Roger. When he spots two lovely women(one being a dog of course), he sets Roger up to meet the woman. They hit it off immediatly as well does Pongo with his new mate, Perdita. When Perdita has puppies, Perdita's(her master) old friend, Cruella DeVille wants to buy them from her. But only to make the puppies into a new fur coat. When Roger refuses, Cruella kidnaps the puppies. Pongo and Perdita go out to save the puppies. And the rest is left for you to see for yourself.

  • The 17th animated Disney classic is a less ambitious film comparing to earlier top Disney classics, but it is enjoyable enough anyway.

    "Sleeping Beauty" nearly bankrupted the Disney studio. Perhaps because of this and also because other extremely expensive Disney classics were initially a failure, the Disney studio needed to make cheaper animated films in a try to recover financial costs. This one is cheaper and more simple in everything: story, designs, sceneries/backgrounds, colors, picture quality, characters, etc...

    It certainly doesn't have "that" magic and attention to detail which makes Disney so legendary, but it doesn't deserve to be judged too hardly. It isn't Disney at its worst, very far from that! The animation is great as usual on Disney and this one also has lots of fun, entertainment, danger, adventure, darkness, classic humor and even some touching and depressing moments. The happy ending is another sign that it follows the Disney tradition.

    Although the artwork is way cheaper-looking than in the most artistic Disney tales, is still in a good and acceptable level in many ways. It is basically the same artstyle we see in "The Sword in the Stone" and "The Jungle Book", for example. Simple and not extraordinary, but not as poor-looking as in "Oliver & Company". Just for the record, I consider "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" a better movie than "Oliver & Company", "The Jungle Book" and "The Sword in the Stone".

    However, there is one thing which the artwork of this movie is brilliant: a brief scene which we can see the sparkling stars at night, with an impressing resemblance to the fabulous artwork of the best Disney classic ever, "Pinocchio".

    The characters are very enjoyable in general. The most enjoyable are Roger, the Colonel, Sargent Tibs, Pongo, Perdita and those adorable 99 dalmatian puppies. All of the puppies are adorable.

    By the way, the first time I saw dalmatians was in this movie. I didn't know that dog breed before, but ever since then they became one of my favorite dog breeds. They're such cute spotty dogs! I love dalmatians since I was a kid.

    Returning to the conversation about the characters, Cruella DeVil isn't one of my favorite Disney villains and I personally don't consider her one of Disney's best villains, but she's one of the most eccentric and original. I like her red car, nevertheless. She's got a beautiful and fine automobile! Jasper and Horace are Cruella's sidekicks and they are funny in many moments. They are just as cruel and heartless as Cruella, but more comical. There are several hilarious moments with these two guys. It's so funny how the dalmatians (with the help of other animals) make their lives miserable, considering that they definitely deserve it. This only accents the comical effect.

    Pongo, Roger, the Colonel and Sargent Tibs are equally humorous characters. In fact, Sargent Tibs (the cat) has always been one of my favorite characters from this movie. He's funny, smart, clever, well-mannered and cool.

    This movie takes place in England. It takes us not only to London, but also to other places that must be not very far from London... or maybe they are. But wherever they are, those are all nice places, at least judging by the movie's perspective.

    About the soundtrack, it is generally great too. "Cruella DeVil" is a delightful song (a perfect song for Cruella DeVil, describing her in perfection). "Dalmatian Plantation" is a catchy one. "Kanine Kruchies Jingle" is a lovely and cute song.

    "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" had a "remake" in 1996, but as a live-action version. The live-action version/remake has amazing similarities to the animated version, being very faithful to it. Although the live-action version is okay, I rather the animated version with its simple and old-fashioned charm.

    Overall, a charming Disney classic which might not be their best, but deserves its attention too. It also features the voice talents of many well-known Disney artists.

    This should definitely be on Top 250.
  • If there's any classic Disney movie that's less likely to be forgotten because of the modern Disney movies, this would be one of them. Part of the reason may be the live action version and its upcoming sequel. Skip those remakes and watch the real deal. The other part of the reason is because this movie is just so charming. Cruella De Vil is one of the more memorable Disney villains ever made. Romance abounds in this movie, and don't forget those adorable puppies. This may not have the animation or the big fancy songs of the moderns, but all that fanciness usually distracts from the story. Classic Disney always rocks, and this is no exception. I liked this film mainly for its drawings. It was a departure from previous Disney animated films in that it had harder-edged drawings instead of the soft pastels. I found the detailed sketches of the building to be fascinating. I could actually watch this film with the sound off and just enjoy the artwork.
  • "101 Dalmatians" is a great movie from Disney. I read the original book by Dodie Smith and its sequel, "The Starlight Barking", I watched the animated series, watched the animated sequel "101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure", and watched the live-action films with Glenn Close as Cruella. The story of "101 Dalmatians" is Pongo and Perdita meet up in a park along with their owners, Roger and Anita, the two couples fall in love and eventually they get married. Later, Perdita is expecting puppies. The only person to hear of this is Anita's old schoolmate, Cruella De Vil. On a dark and stormy night, the puppies get born, totalling up to 15 Dalmatian puppies. Cruella shows up in time and wants to buy the puppies from them, but Roger turns her down. Cruella then vows to get even on them. When the puppies are older, Cruella hires two incompetent crooks, Horace and Jasper Baddun, to steal the puppies. They succeed in doing that. All the humans fail to find the puppies, but luck comes when Pongo gives out the "Twilight Bark" to every dog in London for information on their missing puppies. It finally reaches the Colonel, a sheepdog, and his companion, Sergeant Tibbs, a cat. Pongo and Perdita then set off to find their children. Then, we learn that Cruella stole the 15 puppies, along with 84 others, with the motivation to turn them into fur coats. Now, Pongo and Perdita have to get the puppies to safety before it is too late. I love this film 100-percent. I'm waiting for the Platinum Edition DVD to come out. It comes out on March 3rd next year. My favourite characters are Pongo, Perdita and Cruella. I like Pongo and Perdita because this story is about them saving their children from death. And I like Cruella because, thanks to this film, she has become one of the most popular and also one of the most iconic villains of all time. And I am very interested in this story because it's all about good vs. evil as the pups try to outsmart Cruella. It's a real lovely film from Disney, and I'm giving it 10/10. And this is enough talk for me. I enjoyed it and I can't wait for the DVD to come out. Thank you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to admit, next to mythical, archetypal blockbusters like "Bambi" and "Snow White", "Dalmations" comes off as a something of a lightweight. Seeing it for the first time in 30 years, I was startled by how much looser and rougher the animation was than my childhood memories; I was also somewhat disappointed to discover that only 4 or 5 of the legion of Dalmation puppies had any personality or even any speaking parts. And a few of the plot elements seem kind of "squirelly" to my adult sensibilities - (the young couple can barely make ends meet but they have a live-in cook and maid? Roger makes it big with a song that opens him for the biggest no-contest defamation suit in the history of England?)

    But I don't really care. The movie won my adult heart all over again with its charm, its sense of intimacy, and a thousand little atmospheric touches, like the "Twilight Bark" and the "What's My Crime?" TV show and the way Cruella De Vil slammed her car down the lanes and around corners like a woman possessed. The directors and animators were obviously forced to take shortcuts and economy measures (due in part to the sheer number of puppies on the screen at some points) with both the artistic process and with the plot in order to meet the budgetary guidelines of the "new era" of animation. Even so, you can tell they labored mightily to create a mood, an atmosphere, of a world seen from a canine point of view, even down to camera angles, sound design and character design. (Cruella, for instance is too physically ugly to actually exist, even as a cartoon character, unless you take Pongo's and Pertita's fear and loathing for her into account.)

    My conclusion: this may be a smaller, less lush and less epic Disney animation project, but it still reflects the utmost care and dedication of some very talented people, and it still holds up very well indeed to my grown up sensibilities. It was a great pleasure to see it again. "Bambi" is still my all time reigning champ of animated movies, but "Dalmations" in this context, could easily be thought of as Mickey Mantle to "Bambi's" Babe Ruth. It's a classic whose likes we are not likely to see again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *May Contain Spoilers*

    "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" is one of my favorite Disney films. I first saw it when it was brought back to theaters in 1991 when I was four years old. It was the first movie I ever saw in theaters and I loved it. In fact I became obsessed with this movie and dalmatians for a few years after I saw it.

    My favorite dalmatian puppy is Lucky. He is adorable. I also like Patch and Rolly. My favorite part of the movie is when the puppies are trying to escape from Cruella De Vil's house. That part is great! I also like the part when the puppies are rolling in the ashes trying to disguise themselves.

    I suggest all Disney fans to see this movie because it really is a great movie. I give this movie 10/10 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    101 Dalmatians feels heavy and dark for an early Disney film. I am not sure whether it was trying to raise a message on animal cruelty or were they just trying a good tale and just using it as a backdrop, but either one it's still something that is worth seeing.

    This story is based on a children's story by Dodie Smith and written for the screen by Bill Peet. The film's premise is that there is this scary lady who wants to steal Pongo and Perdita's children and turn them into coats. Peet has done four films with Disney and those are Cinderella, Sword In The Stone, 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan. Out of all of these films, I felt that his best was Peter Pan but his darkest is 101 Dalmatians. This film gets into a dark place once Cruella De Vil is introduced and some children may find her frightening, when her eyes went red it was one of the most frightening things Disney has ever done. Once the stealing of puppies begins, I started to see the themes of genocide and imprisonment. After when they escape it becomes like a survivalist film. It feels similar to world war 2 films like Schindler's List and Defiance which I admired. The beginning of the film feels a little misleading, as it feels positive like something from Lady and the Tramp but then that adds to that shock you would feel when this woman comes in with evil intentions and a horrible personality. It was pretty funny though when the film starts and thinking that the narration is from the human's perspective but rather from the dog and we find out through calling of the human from Pongo, a "Pet".

    This film is directed by Clyde Geronimi and Hamilton Luske. These guys have directed some well known Disney classics, in particular Lady and the Tramp, and so there is some expectations with this film. I think with their experience from Lady and the Tramp, it was easier to animate and needing not to do a lot of research in animating it. The third director for this film is Wolfgang Reitherman. This is his first feature length film for Disney and I bet he was the reason that this film had that edge to it, whether it's the music or the animation. This is the guy who used Jazz and R&B for his future Disney flicks. I feel that they did a decent job. I can't say that this film will be the most remembered but with a memorable villain and edgy feel to it, it is deserving of its status as a Disney classic.

    The animation of this film is a start of a string of films that uses a dirty look. The animation is not as clean as compared to Cinderella or Lady and the Tramp but it is effective as it captures urban London so well that it won't be so much of a distraction. The dalmatians are drawn very well but can get rather repetitive, then they did half to draw 99 dalmatian puppies. The animators have improved from their last Disney efforts, Sleeping Beauty, as there is more personality in the characters, especially the people. They drew Cruella very menacingly and so uniquely in the film. She stands out when she is in the scene, especially near the beginning when standing next to Roger and Anita.

    The music of this film has a mix of both orchestral and jazz. It feels like a bridge between their orchestral dominated film, Sleeping Beauty, and the film soon to follow, The Jungle Book. I enjoyed the songs that Roger plays as it feels catchy and edgy. I like that the film did not decide to become too melodramatic with its score and dis something a little more simple.

    This film is not Disney's top classic but it is fun and something different from the films that Disney usually puts out, aside from Alice In Wonderland. I suggest let your child be a little bit more mature or have seen at least a decent amount of Disney animations before watch this. I recommend it to anyone but don't get your hopes too much on it.
  • I haven't read the book so I can't compare it to that though, frankly, that makes it easier to review and possibly more entertaining. But enough of this introduction, let's get on with the review!

    I want to start off by expressing the great ideas this film comes up with. I love that they have the dogs consider the humans as their pets. And the way they go about explaining it is really good. If it were to be made now they'd probably just have a dog saying "Hi I'm a dog! You may think that this human I'm with is my owner but no! He's actually my pet!". I actually cringed typing that. My point is that they treat you with respect and don't ever talk about it as if we were supposed to think they were pets. That's good writing. However the two main characters, Roger and Anita are only brought together because Roger's dog sees them and thinks that they should get together. Despite this they don't lack any good chemistry and are one of Disney's best couples.

    Now the animation! I've already said that I really like this modern sketchy style, it gives the movie it's own feel and almost even some grit to it. Doug Walker said something along the lines of that he personally doesn't like it and that it doesn't look like the final product, I disagree though understand where he's coming from. Though I also feel it helps with some of the character designs, the dog called colonel looks really cool, due to the sketchy style but I think you can tell that I'm just building up to talking about Cruella De Vil.

    This bony little old woman under a massive fur coat is really unique idea is one of, if not the best Disney villain designs. She's one of the best Disney villains and has such an iconic presence and voice. Her entrance is amazing. She bursts in the door, with her own theme tune playing from up stairs. The opera length cigarette holder, that puffs out green smoke is also a really noticeable element about the character.

    As I mentioned before Cruella has her own theme tune and unlike other Disney movies where people just break into song for no apparent reason, here it makes sense. Roger is a songwriter and is working on a melody, once Cruella shows up at the house he applies lyrics to do with her to the song. They even add to this idea more when we hear is song being played on the radio and his wife refers to it as "his first big hit". This, sadly, is the only song in the movie.

    Now onto the pups. The puppies are the most important part of the movie, if they didn't exist this movie really wouldn't have it's plot. So how do they turn out? The puppies are probably the worst part about the movie because since there's so many of them, the writers couldn't have gave them all distinct personalities. Thankfully they never come across as annoying or stereotypical and that's good enough. It would probably take too much time to flesh all of them out anyway.

    Something surprising about this movie is it's vast amount of suspense. Through a lot of it I was very worried for these characters and as critics would say "on the edge of my seat". The characters go through so much that when you do get to the final happy ending, you've worked for it and in this movie that's done better than in any other film I've seen, in my opinion. However once you do get to that happy ending you kind of feel underwhelmed, or at least I did. I feel they could have went that bit more happy but what I got I'm happy with.

    This film is definitely worth giving a watch and, despite what some critics lead you to believe, has a lot of harsh elements. If I had to pick something that disappointed me, that I haven't already mentioned, is that it was too short and I didn't get enough. Though I suppose that's more of a compliment.

    Thank you for reading and goodbye.
  • One Hundred and One Dalmations (1961)

    *** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Delightful Disney classic has the evil Cruella De Vil trying to steal ninety-nine Dalmatian pups so that she can turn them into a lavish fur coat.

    It's funny but ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIONS is a film that I never really cared too much for as a kid but seeing it for the first time in probably fifteen years certainly made a world of difference because I never realized how fun and how extremely dark the film was. As far as characters there's no question that the film offers some of the most memorable in any Disney movie. This includes the two Dalmatian dogs and their fifteen pups as well as the two humans and of course there's the wonderful villain. All of these characters are given their own delightful personalities and it's rather amazing to see how much character they actually have.

    Another major plus is of course the animation, which is excellent as you'd expect. Add in a good tune and there are all sorts of wonderful elements here. Heck, I mentioned how great the main characters were but even the supporting characters are extremely entertaining. Another thing that the film has going for it is how dark it actually is. I mean, the plot involves cute little puppies being killed and skinned. You can't get much darker than that.

    ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIONS has wonderful characters and plenty of nice laughs making it a classic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    101 Dalmations (the animated one NOT the 1996 version with Glen Close)was Disney's 17th Animated Classic and tells the tale of two people who meet in a park by Roger's dog who fell in love with Anita's dog and the two owners get married. Later Pongo's female companion has babies but when Anita's former mate Cruella De Vil wants them for herself she refuses and Cruella hires two dimwitted men to steal them while Anita and Roger aren't there.

    From here on it there's laughter in almost every scene. From that wide- eyed cat who helps them escape,to the part where Cruella looks rather wacky looking(if you watch it near the end there's a scene that will scare the crap out of yeah)and the dimwitted robbers getting kicked by a horse was hilarious.

    The animation is really good yet not as good as lets say Aladdin as its done in pencil drawing and you can clearly see the circles on the charcther design. Also Anita and Roger remind me of the new characters from the upcoming movie Frozen but still is 101 Dalmatians my all time favourite NO but was it good YES.

    Im giving it a 9 out of 10.
  • 1O1 Dalmatians is a great movie with a really enjoyable and heartwarming storyline and some lovely colorful characters that always take me back to my childhood.I watched this movie many times when I was younger,and even seeing it today I still love all these characters,the music and also Rod Taylor's voice as Pongo.Its very short,not even an hour and a half long,so its a nice movie to watch if you don't feel very patient to watch anything that stretches out too much.The movie is a must see for anyone who loves classic Disney animated movies,and if you don't then there must be something wrong with you.

    Cruella De Vil robs 99 dalmatian puppies to make them into fur coats,now its up to the puppies parents to save them with some help from some other friendly animals in their town.
  • cfwmay-122 August 2006
    in my mind there are only 2 versions of this movie, the good one (1961) and the bad one (1996 ? ) this is a great classic when I was a younger i would watch it and then rewind it, all day! it is great. the main characters are Pogo Perdita and their 15 pups which grows to 100 pups!and of course there is their humans, "pets" according to Pogo, Anita and roger. there is a newer version that isn't animated, but it ruins the movie, b/c Pogo is supposed to be able to talk and the animals all work together to save the pups but when they use real dogs and humans it takes away part of the fiction, glamor, and fun of the movie. i grew up in the 90s and didn't realize until today that it was made in the 60s. its not made w/ "todays" kind of animation meaning it is all done w/ a computer and tries to look like real life, in my opinion it is better than any new animated movie. also boys and girls alike enjoy this classic. there are some movie that you watched in your childhood and go back and watch them and think they are not that good, but no matter how old or young you are its a guarantee you will like this movie. its wholesome, speaks of family, loving, and taking care of each other and it has a few good songs, that are lots of fun to sing along to, and even when you haven't seen the movie in a while you will remember the words and hum the tune, a song you just cant forget.
  • I have always thought that the animation and story of "101 Dalmatians" were actually a bit weak. After all, a crazy lady who wants to steal puppies to make them into a coat ISN'T especially deep. And, the xerox process they used in this film did make the movie look a lot cheaper than the exquisitely animated films of the 1950s. But what makes it very good and well worth watching is the character Cruella De Vil. Her voice work by Betty Lou Gerson was just fabulous--and very obviously inspired by Tallulah Bankhead. Her mannerisms, style and voice were Ms. Bankhead all the way--but with a wonderful insane quality that made a horrific act (slaughtering puppies) so ridiculously comical that it was watchable and fun. Otherwise, this film would have been seen as cruel and just awful. Plus the "Cruella" song was a hoot--with great lyrics and a perfect accompaniment to this horrid character.

    The bottom line is that I nearly scored this one a 9--it's awfully good. But having the sub-standard animation brought it down a point. Enjoyably sick and funny--even for adult audiences.
  • sethn17231 July 2006
    Yes, the dog movies continue in 1961 with "One Hundred and One Dalmatians," an animated movie about a person in England who had a whole lot of dalmatians!!!!! Suddenly, the evil Cruella De Vil wants those puppies; she wants to make a coat out of them! Can the puppies stop her? Can these 101 puppies be saved just in time????? Find out when you watch this excellent movie!

    What I like about this movie: That it's excellent! I've seen this on video as a little kid, had the tape and book story, and watched this on ABC a few years back. It is a good story with great action and it has puppies and dogs!!!!!

    Give "101 Dalamatians" 10, no - 101 stars! That shows you that it's excellent in many ways!!!!!

  • ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS, in my opinion, is a pure Disney classic. It made me feel all warm and tingly when Pongo (voice of Rod Taylor) and Perdita (voice of Cate Bauer) set out on their mission. If you ask me, Cruella (voice of Betty Lou Gerson), Horace (voice of Frederick Worlock), and Jasper (voice of J. Pat O'Malley) were truly devious. If I were Pongo or Perdita, I'd probably do the same thing they did. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone was perfectly cast, the direction was flawless, and Disney has done it again. In conclusion, I highly recommend this pure Disney classic to everyone who hasn't seen it. I guarantee you you'll enjoy it.
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