Rio: You may be a one eyed jack around here, but I've seen the other side of your face.

Rio: Get up! Get up, you scum suckin' pig!

Deputy Lon Dedrick: You got a lot of guts, ain't you kid?

Rio: You're the one with the gut Lon.

Rio: Get up, you big tub of guts!

Bob: We brought you along because you're supposed to be the big man with the iron; but I think now I could even out pull you.

Rio: You're probably right, Bob. You probably could put six in me by the time I put that one into you.

Bob: [referring to Rio's busted gun hand] It's been six weeks. That hand ain't gettin' no better. I say we lay for Longworth with shotguns and then go rob that bank.

Rio: Ambushin' folks ain't exactly my style, Bob.

Bob: I'd say your style's gettin' a bit slow. We brought you along because you're supposed to be the big man with the iron; but now, I think I could even out pull you.

Rio: [Putting his hand on his gun butt] You're probably right, Bob. You probably could get six into me by the time I get that one into you.

[Modesto is attempting to stop Bob from double crossing Rio]

Bob: I'm real disappointed in you, Modesto; pullin' a gun on an old saddle pal like that.

Chico: One more word and I will kill you!

Bob: One more word, huh? Let me see if I can think of one. How about g-r-e-a-s-e-r? Greaser?

[Modesto pulls his trigger and realizes that Bob has unloaded his gun during the night]

Bob: Lookin' for these, Modesto? (throws cartridges at him)

Harvey: (laughing) Eat 'em, greaser.

Chico: (throws his gun at Bob)Banditos!

Bob: You had a good life, Modesto. (shoots him)

Deputy Lon Dedrick: You ain't gettin' no older than tomorrow.

Bob: Harvey Johnson's gonna be a famous name in these parts.

Harvey Johnson: How's that?

Bob: He's about to get hisself killed by a fella named Rio.

Harvey Johnson: That ain't him.

Bob: I wouldn't want to lose me a handful of brains trying to find out.

Rio: I don't know, Dad. You may not want me around too long. You may be retired from robbin' banks, Dad; but I'm still in business.

Longworth: You've been tryin' to get yourself hung for the last fifteen years Kid. This time I think you might have made it.

Bob: What about Longworth?

Rio: Nothin' about him. In the mornin' I'll kill him and then we'll rob that bank.

Bob: This is part that's goin' to tickle you; the sheriff in that town is named Dad Longworth.

[Rio has just bluffed his way out of jail with an empty pistol]

Rio: Looky here, Lon; wasn't loaded.

[Bob and Harvey are watching Longworth whip Rio]

Harvey: We better get down there and do something.

Bob: Do something? Not this old horse; Longworth's got enough shotguns down there to start a war. Besides, this might help get some of that snot-nose out of him.

[Longworth has tied up and whipped Rio]

Rio: You better kill me.

Longworth: No, there's no need for that.

[smashes Rio's gun hand with a shotgun butt]

Longworth: Your gun days are over. Put him on a horse.

Louisa: You think that to kill him, will make you a man?

Rio: Well, I don't know 'bout that. But I know that I thought about him every day for five years. And that was the only thing that kept me going.