[Sanjuro's talking with three men]

Sanjuro: You're all tough, then?

Gambler: What? Kill me if you can!

Sanjuro: It'll hurt.

Sanjuro: I'll get paid for killing, and this town is full of people who deserve to die.

Orin: Kill one or a hundred. You only hang once.

Sanjuro: A truce is merely the seed for an even bigger battle, nothing is worse!

[Sanjuro has just killed two men and cut the arm off a third]

Sanjuro: Cooper. Two coffins... No, maybe three.

Sanjuro: Go hang yourself.

Sanjuro: [standing in a street that is littered with corpses] Now we'll have some peace and quiet in this town.

Sanjuro: I'm not dying yet. I have to kill quite a few men first.

[opening of English-language prints]

Title Card: The time is 1860... the emergence of a middle class has brought an end to power of the Tokugawa Dynasty... A samurai, once a dedicated warrior in the employ of Royalty, now finds himself with no master to serve other than his own will to survive... and no devices other than his wit and sword.

Hansuke: What happened? Why so glum? Your business should be booming.

The Cooper: No. When the fighting gets this bad, they don't bother with coffins.

Unosuke, gunfighter: Say, samurai trash, are you there?... The entrance to hell - I'll be waiting there for you!

[Unosoke dies]

Sanjuro: He died as recklessly as he lived

[Sanjuro walks away]

Sanjuro: Now it'll be quiet in this town... So long!

[last lines]

Sanjuro: Old man. See ya around.

Gonji, tavern keeper: [referring to Sanjuro] You don't look like one of the living!

Gonji, tavern keeper: Are you afraid of ghosts?

Inokichi, Ushitora's rotund brother: No they make me feel just great.

Sanjuro: [family he has just saved is crying with gratitude] Stop. Stop crying. It's pathetic.

[they keep crying]

Sanjuro: I hate pathetic people. I'll have to kill you.

[repeated line]

Sanjuro: Old man, get me something to eat.

Sanjuro: You idiot, I'm not giving up yet. Theres a bunch of guys I have to kill first!

Kannuki the giant: He's nothing without his sword

[first lines]

Farmer: [in Japanese] Wait, son.

Traveler: [in Japanese] Let me go, father. It's my chance.

Farmer: [in Japanese] Everybody's after easy money.

Sanjuro: [in Japanese] You want to hire me as a body guard? Watch. I'll show you my ability.

Sanjuro: [in Japanese] Look at this mess. I knew this would happen. I told you six men are not enough.

Kannuki the giant: [in Japanese]

[to Sanjuro]

Kannuki the giant: That's a shortcut to hell.

Unosuke, gunfighter: [in Japanese]

[to Sanjuro]

Unosuke, gunfighter: Don't come too close.

Unosuke, gunfighter: If I don't have my pistol, I feel sort of naked.

Sanjuro: [after the gamblers have challenged him] No help for fools.

[draws sword and kills two of them]

Unosuke, gunfighter: [in Japanese]

[to Hansuke]

Unosuke, gunfighter: You want to see something interesting?

Unosuke, gunfighter: [in Japanese] By the way, those six men were cut up pretty well. You're the only one around here good enough to have done something like that.

Sanjuro: [in Japanese] And your point?

Unosuke, gunfighter: [in Japanese] I'm thinking that you were the one who killed those six men.

Inokichi, Ushitora's rotund brother: [in Japanese]

[to Unosuke]

Inokichi, Ushitora's rotund brother: Hey, you don't know him, but he's one of the best.

Sanjuro: [standing by the window of Gonji's inn, looking into the opposite building where men from Ushitora and Seibei's sides are serving the inspector and his aides tea] A country inspector's not much, but that's a fine-looking palanquin, huh?

[He turns to Gonji for a reaction. The tavern keeper doesn't turn around, and just stares gloomily at nothing. Sanjuro turns back to the spectacle. He bursts out laughing at what he sees]

Gonji, tavern keeper: What's so funny?

Sanjuro: His men are drinking tea.

Gonji, tavern keeper: What of it?

Sanjuro: Look here.

[He laughs again at the scene]

Sanjuro: They've added a little something.

Inokichi, Ushitora's rotund brother: Hey, Cooper. How's business? How many coffins have you sold?

The Cooper: Two to your place...

Inokichi, Ushitora's rotund brother: Eh?

The Cooper: ...four to the other side.

[Inokichi tries counting the numbers on his fingers]

Inokichi, Ushitora's rotund brother: Not bad.

[He chuckles and walks off with two henchmen]

Sanjuro: I know I'm quite a sight, but could you do your staring later?