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  • This show depicted life in the future, like the opposite of The Flintstones. It was based around one family, The Jetsons. George Jetson, the man that works for Spacely Sprockets. Jane is his wife that does work around the house. Elroy is their son, and Judy is their daughter. Rosie is the robot that helps Jane around the house, and Astro is the Jetsons family dog.

    This was and is still a great show. I like the 1960's version better. It is a funny show, too. The plot is very great and original. The storyline kept developing too, which was also great. Overall, a great show.
  • This show is pretty funny. One of the more amusing things about it is the venue- the World of the Future. Anyone who remembers (or has since studied) the future as it was imagined in 1962 will find a load of images here that will be familiar: personal service robots, flying cars, the push-button, fully automated workplace, the self cleaning house, automatic food dispensers, the works. And of course, highly-prominent were the star-fields of space, the "last frontier."

    This is the sort of stuff that was touted as being in our future at the Seattle World's Fair in 1962, the "Century 21" Exposition.

    As to the cartoon itself, it was amusing how the characters found themselves interacting with the technology of their time- the daughter blabbering on the phone, the son off pursuing his projects or grumbling about school, mom finding that the food dispenser requires a refill, dad returning from work moaning about how exhausted he is from a long hard day of pushing buttons, the bullying boss, and so on.

    In 1962, "Cen.21" touted the future as being, if not perfect, then at least far more congenial than the (then) present. The cartoon stated that this would not necessarily be so- and our own world of the 21st century has proven that the latter was more right than wrong, sociologically speaking at least.
  • The reason why I love the Flintstones so much is because it is funny, it is smart and it has an irresistibly catchy theme tune. The Jetsons is not as funny and smart, but it is still very good. It has great animation, good music, original and interesting ideas in terms of episodes and concept(the misadventures of a futuristic family, love the idea) and the characters especially George, Elroy and Judy(the latter of the two teenagers can relate to though Astro was my personal favourite, and it is always entertaining to see how George speaks and acts to his wife and boss) are likable. It is a shame though The Jetsons were so short-lived, when it ended I was like "that doesn't feel right. Why didn't it last longer and have a proper send-off?" Also I felt it lacked a Barney sort of character, someone for George to properly share his problems without him feeling like someone's on his back constantly. Overall though, The Jetsons is very good. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • I first discovered The Jetsons when I was 7, and remember how much I loved it then, how funny I thought it was, and how clever all the gadgets were. Then, rediscovering it 10 years later, late night on a cartoons channel has brought about the same things as it had done before - laughter. This says to me that the show is hilarious for any age. Younger children can feel with Elroy's trials of school, and teenage girls can laugh and cry with Judy's boy troubles.

    I think the scripts were wrote brilliantly, and had a brilliant cast to voice the lines. I'd love to see The Jetsons brought back, because I think that even now - it'd be a big hit.
  • Golly, I remember this show when it was on Sunday nights, for only one season before getting the cancellation ax! After enjoying the surprising (or was it?) success of THE FLINTSTONES, Hanna & Barbera reasoned that they could have just as much with the future with THE JETSONS. Unfortunately, they had one big problem in the present (1962). ABC pitted THE JETSONS against WALT DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR, which was a very popular family institution. THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR had it all, fun, cartoons, comedy, drama, not to mention the loyalty of, well, almost everybody! The fact that THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR was ... in color, further guaranteed its success, thus insuring that anyone competing would become a casualty in the ratings war.

    Well, THE JETSONS became a casualty in the ratings war and was canceled after only one season. But the series was given a second chance when it went into syndication and became a very popular favorite as a Saturday morning cartoon.

    The fact that there were so few (only 24) episodes did not affect its popularity. The networks simply spaced each episode further apart.

    The kids loved THE JETSONS and after growing up into college students, STILL loved THE JETSONS. And after getting married and having kids, they introduced their children to THE JETSONS (as an excuse to continue to watch and enjoy the cartoon).

    So in 1984, seeing that THE JETSONS was one success story that refused to die, Hanna & Barbera decided that it was time to launch Season Two of THE JETSONS, continuing to keep the series "futuristic" 1962-style and while sneaking a classic episode or two in with the new batch of episodes.

    A new character or two were introduced. And in the newer episodes, there were some devices (not yet in existence in 1962) like pocket calculators, VHS players and a few other gadgets that were gradually added to the mix of futuristic gimmicks used on THE JETSONS.

    The Jetsons are a normal modern day family not like any other modern day family of today, except, of course that they live in the future. And that is exactly why this show is such a wonderfully entertaining program that thankfully has seen the light of digital release!
  • If you wanted to know what the future would be like,The Jetsons was the show to watch. From its opening sequence where George,Jane,Judy,and Elroy and Astro fly to their sky high apartment in their family car(spaceship), and other parts was the highlight of the show. In my honest opinions about the show,I never did like the ones they did from the late 1980's,but it was the earlier episodes that were the ones to tuned in for(the original 24 episodes from 1962-1963 which ran on ABC-TV,and its repeats continued into syndication). This was on the same format as another Hanna-Barbera format,The Flintstones,but this was a show that features all of the gadgets that were used in the future and so much more. The original ones were a lot more funnier too,including several episodes that I would highly recommend for viewing from the 62-63 season,and these were classic gems of animation.....................

    1. The premiere episode,where George gets very nervous about bringing over his boss for dinner(Mr. Spacely),and it ends with hilarious results.

    2. The Jet-Screamer episode,where Judy goes out on a date with her singing idol,and George tries to brake it up,ending up uninvited at teen club.

    3. The Las Vegas(Space Vegas)episode,where George and Jane leave the kids behind at home,and then head to Vegas and that's when Jane catches George flirting with another woman,in which the woman turns out to be the head of huge cosmetics company in which Mr. Spacely gets George to get a contract sign for his job. My personal favorite.

    4. The episode where Elroy runs away from home after George and Jane find out that he and another classmate switch report card tapes,and from there Elroy tangles up(along with Astro the dog)with some dangerous space criminals and its up to George to save Elroy and the family from great danger.

    5. The Ultiblah episode(hilarious as it gets!) in which a troublesome robot gets Mr. Spacely,George,and Henry the maintanance man in trouble with the Army,and its up to George and Henry to bale themselves and George's boss out.......

    *Catch the episodes on Boomerang and Cartoon Network!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having done individual critiques for all 75 episodes, I thought I would analyze the series as a whole and give my feelings about it, having been a long-time fan and having my share of both favorite episodes and loathed ones. All things considered, The Jetsons is a very good series and quite underrated, even during its time. I would have to say that the only real problem the show had was with its character development as well as story, as the show seems to be built more around the futuristic machinery used by the characters, than the characters themselves. During an episode, they'll cut away in the middle of what's going on to show them using some neat little gadget to accomplish a mundane task. It has no baring on the story whatsoever, it was merely put in as a diversion. Comparing this show to, say, The Flintstones, you'd see that The Flintstones was more about the characters as opposed to their setting. The show was about two families living in the Stone Age, and occasionally they did use Stone Age gadgets, including an animal operating something that would otherwise be electric, but this didn't always take away from what was happening in the story. We got to know Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty, we followed them around, we learned a bit about their passions, their pasts, their dreams. With The Jetsons, we didn't really get that. Sure there was an episode that recalled George and Jane meeting and then getting married, but that was about it. Also, I think it would have helped if there was a Barney Rubble character in the series. A friend for George, who really had nobody to play off of except for Spacely, and I'll get into Mr. Spacely in a moment. We, the audience, don't really get to know The Jetsons as characters, or at least not in a sense that goes beyond their gimmicks. For example, Judy is the stereotypical teenage girl who's into cars, clothes, hair and boys, and she has a passion for music, but we rarely if ever got to see anything beyond that until Rockin' with Judy Jetson, which I'll get to later. Also what does Jane like besides shopping? What are her passions? How about George? We know he's a terrific pitcher in space ball, a great bowler, a hard worker, a good provider, but what is he really like? Same with Elroy, he's a boy genius and very precocious, but not very strong. You see, we don't really get to know these characters very well, we're only supposed to identify with their gimmicks and follow them as they do stuff and we're not sure why. This doesn't take away from the show's entertainment value, but it leaves a bit to be desired.

    Mr. Spacely, oh boy, the meanest boss in the universe and a really deplorable character. He must have been put there for the little kids, because all he does is yell, scream and jump around a lot. Astro was the same way, a very flamboyant character, and I know a cartoon show needs cartoon characters, but these guys are often shoe-horned into scenes where they don't really belong, other than to liven things up. Comic relief, if you will. It's apparent, particularly in the later episodes that whenever the writers couldn't think of anything engaging to do with the Jetson family, they'd always bring in Spacely and his ever-growing rivalry with Cogswell Cogs. Yet another gimmick and a chance to throw in gags for no real reason other than to move the plot along. I think Cogswell was added just to try and make Spacely seem like a good guy and at times, he has expressed some affection for George and his family, though not very often. Now, I've already said which episodes are my favorites, but I'll go ahead and recap right here. I liked "The Swiss Family Jetson" because it took the characters out of their element and showed them having to thrive off instinct and know-how, which I had said should have been the movie, but it worked out fine as a 22 minute episode. Most of the shows were pretty good, but one episode I've always hated is "The Wrong Stuff" purely for the way it was set up, the story was stupid, the plot was weak, what should have been a great opportunity for character development was cast aside so Spacely could show up and exploit Elroy for no reason other than to allow him to be in an episode where he didn't belong. "Space Bong" was alright, but I didn't like the subplot of Spacely being invited to dinner, as this shows The Jetsons' universe didn't allow for any other characters to be their friends. Character is definitely where the show falls flat.

    Overall, I love The Jetsons, it's a great show and the characters, while not very deep, are still enjoyable and even the horrible episodes are better than most cartoons coming out today. George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Rosie and Astro are all endearing and you enjoy watching them do what they do. I also liked Orbitty, he was a nice addition to the cast, I don't know why they got rid of him in Season 3. Did they think he was the Jetson's answer to Cousin Oliver? Even Mr. Spacely, you love to hate him. He's so mean and cruel, yet he has his endearing moments. I would also like Mr. Cogswell if I got to know him better. Just once I would have liked to see him without Spacely and see what he's really like. I really recommend the show, as I said, some episodes are great, some are stupid, but for the most part, it's just corny fun. Suspend your disbelief and you'll enjoy what you see.
  • I bought the new Jetsons original series DVD set for a friend's kid and ended up watching it with her and was blown away. I used to watch re-runs as a kid and had forgotten how much I used to love them. It's a very high quality cartoon series that put me in sort of Vulcan mind meld with the past and the future all at the same time. That is because when you watch it you are seeing a 1962 version of the 23rd century (or so). It is fascinating to see this in action. The wife stays home and goes shopping while the husband goes off to the exploitive factory to work for a demeaning boss. I really enjoyed looking at all of the gadgets they had and seeing which ones came true in the future, like flat screen TVs and wristwatch phones everywhere, and which ones never did. Maybe some of the creators ideas are right around the corner! The funny thing was my friend's daughter enjoyed it as much as I did because of the funny story lines. I can highly recommend the new DVD set with all 24 episodes from 1962. There are commentaries from some of the characters and other added features that made this a great buy.
  • When this show was on I watched it every time I could! I thought that the characters were really funny and all had great personalities. The animation in My opinion was crisp, clean, and really clear. Not to mention beautiful! Most of the characters in this show are hilarious like the Looney Tunes characters that we all love. in My opinion these characters are the funniest and talented ever seen. In fact, The things that goes on in this series' cartoons are in My opinion nuts which that is what makes them hilarious! There are so many to like and laugh at and the silly things they do! If you like the original Looney Tunes then I strongly recommend that you watch this show!
  • This is what family themed television was back in the 1960's. Although it was an animated television series surrounding George Jetson, his wife Jane, and their two children, teenaged daughter Judy and the rambuctious pre-teen little Elroy, you soon escaped into their futuristic world as if they were your own family, or maybe you imagined the Jetsons as your own friendly neighbors.

    I myself just forgot about everything else, (especially my homework) and sat down in front of our family TV set and became totally engrossed on how the Jetsons travelled in their fururistic cars, vacum elevators, and prepared meals in their fully technologically advanced kitchen contraptions.

    I am sure the Jetsons was the begiining of many young minds reeling on what the future could become, as these young women and men became our future inventors thanks to the creativity of The Jetsons cartoon.

    I thank the series creators Hanna-Barbera, for providing millions of children and their parents so many entertaining evenings of just fun and imaginative family entertainment. A must see!
  • I didn't watch this cartoon series a whole lot when I was a kid, but did remember it for what it was - a fun show that takes you to the future where cars travel in midair, and homes and buildings that pretty much have everything operated with remote control within them.

    Everyone would remember the lyric-catching opening scene where each member of the Jetson family is introduced, and household head George Jetson doing his utmost best for his family - wife Jane, son Elroy, daughter Judy, dog Astro and robotic housekeeper Rose - working at his job under the extreme pressure of the tempered-filled boss Mr. Spacely.

    It's almost like a typical sitcom (pre-2000s) family but with the cartoon and into-the-future angle. It's a nice show for the entire family, and is a show that stood well through the tests of time.

    Grade B
  • This is one of my favorite shows ever, i recently again watched whole show, and i must say i enjoyed every episode, i was again in my early childhood and in time when i watch it on Cartoon Network, just great times. Every character is memorable, how not to love his boy Elroy, his daughter Judy, Jane his wife and of course him, George Jetson, his boss Cosmo Spacely, Astro the Dog and other characters, just an instant classic. The most i love about this show is design and vision of the future from 60's i just love that retro future design and Utopian setting, i really want to believe that kind of future is possible. Voice acting is fantastic but my favorite comes from legendary Mel Blanc (as Mr Spacely), just fantastic, how not to love when Mr Spacely say: Jetson, you are fired. I also would say that i really enjoyed episodes from the 80's, maybe original session is higher on a quality but i don't see anything bad in 80s sessions, they are more on child/fantasy side, episodes from the 60's are more for adults, but they together make one incredible world and beautiful TV show which will i remember to the end of my life.
  • I think that the Jetsons is an awsome cartoon about the future. I don't know about you but I would love to live in the future after watching the Jetsons. What I think is so cool is between the Jetsons and Futurama. The Jetsons was released in the sixties and the idea of the future in the Jetsons age was a kind of sixties atmosphere. For example when you see Judy going to a school dance and the juke box music was playing while the high school kids were dancing under a disco ball. Futurama was released in the nineties and the idea of the future in futurama was that of a nineties atmosphere. For example, when Leela gets in bed with Fry and we think of that as comedy these days. The point is nobody can really predict the future. I would rather live in the "Jetsons" age because everything is easier and less complicated than the "Futurama" age. Except for Mr. Spacely (George Jetsons boss) who is always yelling at George when he makes little mistakes (lighten up Mr. Spacely). I like all of the characters: George, a cool father who works hard for his family, Jane, a loving caring mother, Elroy, a fun adventurous dude, Judy, who is not obnoxious like some girls today, Astro, loyal lovable dog, Rosey, who always makes you feel right at home, and Orbity, who is cool to "hang" with. I love to watch the Jetsons and their "easy" lifestyles in the future and I am sure that you would too. So step into the late 21st century and tell Jane to "stop that crazy thing"!
  • FOLLOWING ON THE heels of their highly successful, ground-breaking production of THE FLINTSTONES, the good folks over at Hanna=-Barbera Productions sought new worlds to conquer. With the premier of Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty and Dino's weekly half hour, the cartoon series had been brought to prime-time.

    THE NATURAL AND obvious move was that of a sort of reverse play. The logic was simple, direct and almost mandatory. For if our ancient cartoon ancestors were the FLINTSTONES of Bedrock; our descendants in the far future should be represented on this animation family tree.

    FOR SOME REASON or another, the exploits of George & Jane Jetson, their family and futuristic community failed to garner the support (Nielsen Ratings) needed to stay on ABC prime-time. They were canceled after a season.

    PERHAPS WE SHOULDN'T say canceled, but rather shelved; as THE JETSONS reappeared over two decades later to continue their run. This time it was a healthy three or four years; lasting from 1985-88. This go-round also included the theatrical release, THE JETSONS MOVIE (1990).

    THE PROBLEMS IN getting a sufficient following initially certainly weren't because of quality of animation, production values or the talents of the voice actors. The animation was tops for TV, the series was done by the skillful hands of the Hanna-Barbera people; who comprised the best cartoon company in television.

    AS FOR THE cast, it couldn't have been better. We have Geoege Jetson, portrayed by veteran comic player/supporting actor George O'Hanlon. He starred in the long running series of JOE McDOAKES Shorts from Warner Brothers. Jane was also in the best of hands in Penny Singleton. She is best remembered as BLONDIE in those Columbia "B" movies.

    THE REST OF the cast was filled out by all veterans of Hanna-Barbera's stable of blue ribbon performers. Headed up by the one and only "Mr. Voice" himself, Mel Blanc, it included: Daws Butler, Janet Waldo, Don Messick and Jean Vander Pyl.

    SO, IN CONCLUSION, we can only find that THE JETSONS had the rough road to success due only to two things. Those being scheduling and the time slot.

    AFTER ALL, IT has been said that TIME-ing is everything in life; be that time prehistoric or futuristic.
  • I thought too that we would be living in Space Needle style homes, having food immediately made at the stroke of a button, a robot housekeeper, and a self-organizing wardrobe. While most things have stayed pretty much the same, the Jetsons was a futuristic version of the family featuring George and his wife, Jane Jetson, living a space needle designed home. They traveled space by motorized planes. Cars is non-existent and travel to other planets occurred regularly. Anyway, the show was a perfect companion piece to the Flintstones and both made by the same company. There was some interaction between the shows and the families differences but there were the similarities.
  • The Jestons was a great creations of Hanna-Barbera who are the inverse of the great successful Flintstones show which represents a family living in the stone age, this show introduces a future view of the world in the end of the 21st century, and how the world is developed to have flying cars, sky pod houses that can be raised to be above the clouds or lowered to be in the normal heights, interactive robots and gadgets, TV and video calls and flying cars travels to everywhere in the galaxy .. All that and more are presented by the impressive golden touch of Hanna-Barbera

    The main heroes in this show were:

    George Jetson => The father of the family, an employee for Cosmo Spacely's company and is living a great family life with his family and in the same time trying to satisfy his short tempered boss: Mr Spacely in a series of comedy scenes, he's typically a model for the 60s American employee !!

    Jaine Jetson => George's wife, a really modern 60s woman

    Judy Jetson => Their Teenage daughter, loves the Rock n' Rool and is always in a state of a new love or out of a failed love story!!

    Elroy Jetson => A 12 years old short kid, his mind is very matured and is genius in the electronics and inventions

    Rosie => A Robot-maid that works for the Jetsons family, Rosie is a nice example of mid-aged English house keeper that is strict with quite a scenes of humor, Rosie had joined the family since the 1st episode in 1962

    Astro => A space dog that is somewhat reminds us with (Dino) from the Flintstones show, this strange dog almost can talk ..!!

    Henry => He's the porter of the house, a genius technician and is so loyal to George Jetsns

    Mac => A dumb robot that helps Henry and is in love with Rosie

    Mr Cosmo Spacely => George's boss, A great example of a greedy 60s American boss that all the time working strictly and trying to make the best use of Jetson

    Really it was a smiling view of the future that is all easy and automated and the work is as easy as pushing a button .. with the scale frame of the 60s .. No pollution, No starving, No wars, No Nukes .. really a smiling future view ..

    Although this show was made with almost complete world but it didn't have the golden charisma and success of the Flintstones, it stopped several times which made Hanna-Barbera to invest the over success of the Flintstones to make a collective movie gathering both the Flintstones and the Jetsons in 1987 in (The Jetsons meet the Flintstones) and then made a pioneer new look movie for the Jetsons in 1990 (The Jetsons - The movie) which was highly tech. cartoon with a very high color and animation quality with the same characters and ideas which came quite strong Also there's a rumor that a new movie will be introduced for the Jetsons in 2012 ..

    After all, we can say (A Good cartoon from the nice Golden era)

    Thans Han-Bar *** Lo'ay
  • This animated TV show has notorious inspiration in "The Flintstones" when it comes to artwork, music, animation and simplicity. Even the designs and the characters look similar to the famous pre-historical cartoons, although "The Jetsons" is instead a futuristic/science-fiction TV show.

    I was never really a fan of "The Jetsons" neither "The Flintstones". Don't get me wrong: I never found them bad by any circumstances. In fact, I even used to watch them sometimes when I was a kid. But they were never among my priorities or favorites when it comes to animated sitcoms.

    Still, "The Jetsons" left its mark in the history of cartoons for its originality and "out-of-this-world" stories. It was certainly something ahead of its time and maybe it's because of its futuristic contents that it doesn't look as aged as "The Flintstones", although it looks just as conservative.

    I remember well the opening song. It was okay, but not as cool as the catchy song from "The Flintstones".

    "The Jetsons" is somewhat forgotten nowadays, but that doesn't change the fact that it is good for children or anyone who likes its particular originality.
  • If you liked the classic Flintstones cartoon series then you will love The Jetsons. It's very similar to the Flintstones apart from the fact that it is set in the future.

    Head of the family was George Jetson who must have been very stressed out what with his wife always wanting to go out and buy something and his children always causing mischief.

    Just like the Flintstones, the Jetsons had loads of fancy gadgets (actually, you probably can't refer to the Flintstones items as gadgets seeing as it was set in caveman days). It was quite a nice vision of the future. No nasty aliens or wastelands full of bugs-the Jetsons were very happy indeed in their life and the future looked real nice.

    This series didn't seem to be as popular as other Hanna Barbera series but if you like things such as Scooby Doo or the Flintstones you will love this.

    I just hope the future is as nice as it was portrayed here.
  • The Jetsons in my view is a great cartoon about the late 21st century. It is so awsome to think that (according to the Jetsons) in the near future we would have jobs where all we had to do is push a button. The Jetsons live in the Sky Pad Apartments and their phone number is VENUS-1234. George has a Job at Spacely sprockets where his boss (Mr. Spacely) is constantly yelling at him and often firing him. George sometimes helps Mr. Spacely compete with Cogswell Cogs. Jane loves to shop, Judy loves to date, Elroy loves to play Sports, Astro (mans best friend) and is very loyal to his master George, Rosie the Robot keeps everything organized, and little Orbity is cool to hang with. The Jetsons simply ROCK. My favorite quote of the Jetsons is by George Jetson "Jane! stop this crazy this!". I think that you will enjoy 30 minutes into the 21st century by watching the Jetsons. It is a BLAST!!
  • Drewboy-211 July 2000
    Just as "The Flintstones" were a cartoon series based on "The Honeymooners", so are "The Jetsons" an update of "Blondie and Dagwood". Penny Singleton, the "Blondie" of all those old wonderful films, is Jane Jetson's voice. And Mr. Dithers can clearly be seen in Mr. Spacely. George Jetson is so like Dagwood Bumstead as well. Next time you watch this wonderful series, look for comparisons to "Blondie". They are there, trust me.
  • Truly a classic tv series. The Jetsons had the humor and cleverness of the Flintstones, though in my opinion not as good as the stone age family. All the characters were great, but in my opinion, Astro was the best character. He reminded me of Scooby Doo. Catch this show on Cartoon Network.
  • dsnow-120 August 2007
    I have always enjoyed the Jetsons. But what else can we expect from Hanna-Barbera.

    They seemed to know what people wanted when it came to animated shows.

    How I wish Hanna-Barbera had made more Jetsons shows in the 60s.

    If Saturday morning worked for this show then more should have been made for Saturday morning.

    When are more of the shows being brought to DVD? Even the ones in the 80s were pretty good.

    Loved Astro the dog.

    Science fiction and fantasy done in Good taste.
  • Blast off into the futuristic, spaced-out world of TV's ideal family-of-tomorrow - "The Jetsons".

    The year - 2062 AD. The place - Orbit City.

    Join George, Jane, Judy and Elroy (along with Astro, the clumsy canine, and Rosie, the robot maid) as they merrily/miserably live out their day-to-day futuristic lives where malfunctioning space-age inventions never fail to complicate matters and seemingly get the better of them.

    These cute, good-natured cartoons from The Jetsons' first season (1962-1963) are enjoyable in their own right, but, in retrospect, they are far from being a very promising look at the future.
  • Success for William Hanna and Joseph Barbera due to their breakthrough animated series "The Flintstones" (which came to life in 1960) led to this futuristic hybrid dud. The storyline is basically the same as the aforementioned stone-age sitcom as George Jetson and his family try to survive in an alternative universe where robots and technology have supposedly made life easier, but the typical would-be hilarious situations still occur within the family unit. "The Jetsons" has the strangest run of any major television show from the past. Only 24 episodes were produced in the early-1960s and then production on new installments did not happen again until 1984. Sporadically more episodes were made until new adventures finally stopped in 1988. In all there are 75 episodes (a little less than half the number "The Flintstones" completed). On its own "The Jetsons" shows silly sitcom ideas from the 1960s in a stylized animated form. When compared to "The Flintstones" it loses even more of its already lacking luster. 2 stars out of 5.
  • The Jetsons is one of the most famous and classical cartoons done by Hanna-Barbera cartoons! Along with The Flinstones and Scooby-Doo which were also big classics by Hanna-Barbera. This series is about a space-age family called The Jetsons that live in the space-age and in their setting they have flying hover cars, robots as like maids and some other things, video phones, also pipe elevators that can you up to the next floor in like 2 seconds and some other neat stuff! I got to meet the creators who did this cartoon and other Hanna-Barbera cartoons! I liked this show next to The Flinstones and it is sort of similar to The Flinstones except with time period differences. But The Jetsons and The Flinstones meet each other in this Hanna-Barbera Super Star Movie called, "The Jetsons Meet The Flinstones" and in that movie they actually switch places. The Flinstones were in the Space Age and The Jetsons were Stone Age.

    User Rating: 6/10

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