[the balloon is about to land in the middle of the jungle]

Sir Henry Vining: It's a forest full of trees!

Sir Henry Vining: [frisking Ahmed] What have you got there?

Ahmed: Nice medals, huh?

Sir Henry Vining: British campaign medals. Professor, look at these. China, India... Where did you steal these from?

Ahmed: What? I don't steal! I am an *honest* slave trader. Oh, yes, little things, they come my way once in a while...

Susan Gale: I was teaching at the Dodoma mission when he

[points at Ahmed]

Susan Gale: raided us.

Ahmed: [nonchalantly] Business is business.

Susan Gale: Trafficking in human lives is everybody's concern. Either you are for it or against it.

Ahmed: [timidly] I am for it.

Sheik Ageiba: [to Fergusson] In Timbuktu it is much safer to be a villain than an infidel.