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  • In my opinion, there are two things that must be highlighted in this movie. First, a very good script that follows the idea of the "butterfly effect": from a little, casual happening develops an almost surrealistic chaos. The other thing that I would like to mention is the performance of the actors, specially Manolo Gomez Bur, who in this movie plays again his role of normal, grey, shy man, and Rafael Alonso, who plays a very funny role: a "very intelligent" man who is famous because of his great ideas, for which he has even been awarded several prizes. Gracita Morales and Amparo Soler Leal play the wives of these two characters, who join them in a crazy and hilarious night adventure. We should also remark the work of Jose Bodalo, who, as usual, is superb. In his role of bad guy, he pushes us to hate him from the beginning. To finish with, I would say that this is a movie which vindicates clearly the quality that Spanish cinema has never really lost.