Pockets: Yes, Bwana.

Luis Francisco Garcia Lopez: My name is Luis Francisco Garcia Lopez, and I don't wear pajamas.

Sean Mercer: Pockets, what are you doing?

Pockets: I'm trying to milk the goat.

Sean Mercer: Well, that's the wrong kind of a goat - that's a ram!

Sean Mercer: [Referring to the growing rivalry between Kurt and Chips over Brandy] So that's what's got you green around the gills this morning. The first sign of spring in the bush and the young bucks start butting heads.

Kurt Muller: So what?

Sean Mercer: So... I can't answer that. Just don't let it gum up the works around here.

Kurt Muller: Oh, I won't. But I won't let the Frenchman have a free hand, either.

Sean Mercer: Oh this is gonna be great! The Indian is knocked off, I've got a woman photographer on my hands,now you and the Frenchman break out in monkey bites and we're a month behind already!

Kurt Muller: So?

Sean Mercer: So don't let him have a free hand.

Dallas: You have been drinking a little, hm?

Sean Mercer: No ma'am. I've been drinkin a lot.

[first lines]

Sean Mercer: [over two-way radio] Kurt, can you hear me?

Kurt Muller: Go ahead, Sean.

Sean Mercer: At about eleven o'clock... right in the middle of that herd of wildebeest - see him?

Kurt Muller: Oh, that's a good one.

Sean Mercer: Let's go; start out easy.

Charles 'Chips' Maurey: [Observing Pockets being fawned over by Brandy] He fell off the fence.

Kurt Muller: Yeah. You nearly lose a leg and I get a dislocated shoulder.

Charles 'Chips' Maurey: And he gets the ice.

Kurt Muller: C'mon I'll buy you a nice warm drink.

Sean Mercer: [instructing Kurt and Chips before the shooting match] ... and you - what is your name, anyway?

Charles 'Chips' Maurey: Charles Maurey...

Sean Mercer: Sjarles Ma...?

Charles 'Chips' Maurey: Charles Maurey!

Sean Mercer: Never mind, Chips will do...

[last lines]

Dallas: Oh, no... go away! Go away, now! Timbo, go away, go away. Timbo! Timbo, go away! Timbo...

[the bed collapses from the elephant's weight]

Sean Mercer: Aawwww...

Dallas: Go away!

Sean Mercer: [Sean and Pockets enter the house after heavy drinking so Sean has to guide Pockets] Port!

Pockets: Port!

Sean Mercer: Starboard!

Pockets: Starboard!

[Pockets picks up a bottle of booze]

Sean Mercer: Drop it!

Pockets: Drop it!

[Drops bottle]

Dallas: [Dressed as a Warusha] I don't think it's very funny. They want to shave my hair! They want to take my clothes off and there was a man in there.

Pockets: Why, he doesn't speak any English.

Kurt Muller: You are now a member of the Warusha Tribe.

Sean Mercer: And they've given you name. Mother of Elephants. Mama Tembo! Well you're supposed to dance with them.