Vic: You know, it's a funny feeling. Sometimes I really fancy her, and the next day I can hardly stand the sight of her.

Mrs. Rothwell: How dare you! How dare you say such filthy, disgusting things! You come into this house drunk, filthy drunk! You're filthy! You talk filth, you ARE filth! You're filth! You filthy pig! You filthy, disgusting pig! Filth, FILTH!

Vic: Who named you Ingrid?

Ingrid: My mum. She named me after Ingrid Bergman. She was in "For whom the bells tolls", it is her favorite movie, and it came out the year I was born.

Vic: It's an unusual name for an English girl.

Ingrid: I guess, if I'd been a boy, she would have named me after Gary Cooper.

Mrs. Rothwell: How dare you do this to my daughter!

Vic: I did good for your daughter! I married her!

Mrs. Rothwell: Yes! After you seduced her!

Vic: It would have been me or someone else, sooner or later.

Ingrid: Vic, I need to talk to you.

[he hesitates]

Vic: Are you sure?

Ingrid: Yes. One has a way to know these things.

Vic: I am your husband, if only you'd know it.