Mona Lisa Painting: [as Pepe's stink affects the paintings] I can tell you chaps one thing. It's not always easy to hold this smile.

Pepé le Pew: [after the rival cat, who's wearing a clothespin on his nose and holding his breath, slaps Pepe] Uh-oh, I know. The jealous lover. Monsieur, I salute you. You wish to risk your life in a duel over this fair one. An affair of honor. I can see it now: Two grim figures, the cold light of dawn, a misty meadow. We select our weapons- pistols, perhaps. Back to back we stand, ramrod straight, we are very brave, monsieur. Un, deux, trois, quatre, five, sies, set, wit, neuf, ten. We turn, I fire. BANG!... I miss.

[puts a cigarette in his mouth]

Pepé le Pew: I await your shot like a soldier of France.

[the rival cat is squirming from no air]

Pepé le Pew: You draw careful aim, down comes the terrible weapon. BANG! Right through the heart. I am dying. My blood gushes forth...

[examines fingers and picks at a hangnail]

Pepé le Pew: I resume dying. I fall. I expire. Au revior, mon cheri.

[the cat finally releases his breath and flies to the hall d'armour]

Pepé le Pew: She runs to my side, she cannot believe it. She beseech me not to go, but it is too late. I am a gone goose.

[sits up]

Pepé le Pew: ... Where is everybody? Oh well, war is fine, but love is better! Right?