Dr. Watson: How do you know that?

Sherlock Holmes: Don't you ever read the Times, Watson? I've often advised you to do so, if you want to know something.

Sherlock Holmes: Alright Watson, you've had your little joke, now come along.

Dr. Watson: What do you suppose that is?

Sherlock Holmes: It looks remarkably like a grave.

Dr. Watson: A grave? But that's not large enough to burry a dog in.

Sherlock Holmes: Be careful, Watson, don't spoil the footprints. Leave that to the Inspector.

Dr. Watson: What could possibly be is buried there?

Sherlock Holmes: Clothes... very old clothes.

Sherlock Holmes: Before Blackburn died, he tried to write the name of his murderer on the top of the table, obviously with his wedding ring. M.O.R. does that convey anything to you, Inspector?

Inspector Cooper: M.O.R. Many words begin with M.O.R. Morgue, morning...

Sherlock Holmes: Or Moriarty.

Inspector Cooper: You told us that Moriarty has an alibi.

Sherlock Holmes: My dear Inspector, Blackburn had a secret. Moriarty wanted it and when he'd gotten it, he had him murdered.

Inspector Cooper: Do you know the secret, Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes: Naturally, I read the Times.

Prof. Moriarty: You know, Inspector, this gentleman reads too many detective stories. Sherlock Holmes has tried to slander me on several occasions but his accusations have always been a fiction.

Prof. Moriarty: We are both men of logic and we possess extraordinary intellect. But we are both wasting our forces warring against each other and if I may say so, dear Holmes, this is illogical. We should unite our talents and forces. Such a partnership would be sure to succeed.

Sherlock Holmes: No doubt it would. Professor.

Prof. Moriarty: Then I may assume you accept?

Sherlock Holmes: The picture you paint is a very alluring one. There's only one answer that I can give. Much as I regret it, I shall have to continue to waste my energies. I have only one ambition at present: to see you hanged.

Inspector Cooper: Whiskey in the handle of a walking stick.

Prof. Moriarty: I always find it helps to take a small drink when it's chilly in London, Mr. Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes: Thank you, I never drink before six.

Prof. Moriarty: Would the Inspector like one?

Inspector Cooper: [about to take a sip, but changes his mind] No, never on duty.

Prof. Moriarty: Doctor Watson?

Dr. Watson: No thanks, I am not in the least chilly today.

Prof. Moriarty: What a shame.