Jacob Grimm: It's an outrage. In my speech, I'm going to tell them...

Wilhelm Grimm: [cutting him off] Jacob. Just tell them...


Wilhelm Grimm: Just tell them I'm your brother.

Children: [chanting over and over] We want a story! We want a story! We want a story! We want a story!

Jacob Grimm: [to Wilhelm] Just tell them I'm your brother.

Wilhelm Grimm: [final line] Once upon a time


Wilhelm Grimm: there were two brothers!

The King: I have discovered a new musical instrument which I thought might amuse you.

Ludwig: As ruler of half your kingdom, I think it my duty to tell you that I simply loathe music.

The King: [Pointedly] As ruler of the other half, I suspect that you may change your mind. Shepherd, would you play us a tune?

Voice of Flute: [the Shepherd plays and this song is heard] O King, pray listen to my tale./ I sleep beneath the tree./ My master Ludwig raised his sword/ And drove it into me./ I'll never walk the earth again/ Or hear a bird or plant a seed/ Till the man who slew me says he's sorry for the deed.

The King: [angrily] Well, Sir Ludwig?

Hans: Don't you worry, sir. I'll be just as good a master to you as you were to me.