Jack Coombes: They shipped enough crooks out to Australia. It's about time they had a few back here!

[Pearly Gates has arrange to meet Inspector "Nosy" Parker on a roundabout at a funfair]

Inspector Parker: [complaining] I suppose this is your idea of a joke. Battersea Funfair. Fancy having a meeting on a thing like this.

Pearly Gates: I must admit, the idea of a load of bogeys going round in circles did appeal to me, yeah.

Pearly Gates: I made 168,000 nicker selling frocks last year - gowns, I mean.

Inspector Parker: Yeah. Well, if that isn't crooked, I'd like to know what is.

Inspector Parker: Sloshin' a bogey in the execution of 'is duty? Oh dear, dear, dear!