Rita Ugalde: I believe the common people, the lower class people, are less sensitive to pain. Haven't you ever seen a wounded bull? Not a trace of pain.

[Creo que la gente del pueblo, la gente baja, es menos sensible al dolor. ¿Usted ha visto un toro herido alguna vez? Impasible]

Carlos Conde; Doctor: [Seeing a box of drugs] You kept that here?

Edmundo Nobile: Every now and then we used to meet in this room - just friends - passing unforgetable hours together.

Carlos Conde; Doctor: Why didn't you show it to me?

Edmundo Nobile: I was frightened that the world would find out about it.

Carlos Conde; Doctor: What was used for pleasure can now be used to relieve pain.

Julio, Mayordomo; Steward: The help becomes more impertinent each day.