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  • This is a low-to-the-ground espionage story shot in the style before James Bond made the splash heard 'round the world in Dr. No, even though it was made two years later. The simple story, about a stolen nuclear rocket propellant called the SR 712, is told in a nuts-and-bolts manner and the low key hero will barely register on those brought up on the larger than life Bond.

    Director Maurice Labro went on to make the much more entertaining Code Name Jaguar (65) with Ray Danton. Let's just say that skipping The Spy I Love will not cause you too much remorse.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you're looking for a flashy and colorful mid-1960's spy film, forget about this one: the drab black & white cinematography, coupled with the fuzzy print I saw, make "The Spy I Love" look like it was made in the early 1950s, if not even earlier. However, the movie has its interesting points: the plot, heavy on detection and step-by-step progression, requires your attention to follow it; there are some exciting fight scenes that emphasize Coplan's judo techniques; and there is one, just one, action sequence - set mostly atop a train - that is as ambitious and audacious as anything you can find in the majority of the Bond films. Besides the unappealing look, the other major negative aspect of this movie is the frequently unpleasant treatment of Virna Lisi's character; her blink-and-you'll-miss-it-fast falling in love with Coplan is inexplicable. **1/2 out of 4.
  • Often sold as a European James Bond ripoff but even that is giving it too much credit. Cheap, low budget, black and white with a cast of unknowns. It was released in may 1964 meaning it was made before the James Bond craze so can hardly be called a response to that series. The hero is a drag. The plot, they're looking for some rocket fuel or something, is hardly worth mentioning and the bad guys not scary. Virni Lisi is nice to look at and takes a bath in one scene which is the closest you'll get to any excitement in this waste of time film. Some time after the James Bond craze and ever since films like this were released as another secret agent film. That is how this DVD was advertised to me. But don't be fooled.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Truth be told ,Coplan did not begin his career in the movies in the wake of James Bond.It was not the first time Maurice Labro had tackled Paul Kenny 's spy thrillers : in 1957 ,"action Immédiate" was the first adaptation ,starring Henri Vidal.

    On the other hand it's true that the French producers resumed these adventures -along with those of OSS 117 ,whose cinematographic began before those of 007 too- to capitalize on Bond's craze.

    "Coplan Prend Des Risques " is the third effort;Labro had to find another actor because Vidal died in 1959;he chose a French thespian ,Dominique Paturel ,who essentially worked for TV and on stage ,who would be popular in the late sixties with the D'Artagnan miniseries.Jacques Balutin ,often cast in comedies, serves as a foil to him.Jacques Monod is the French equivalent of "M" and is called,like in the books , "Le Vieux " (the old man).Oddly,Legay ,who is often Coplan's collaborator,like Fondane (Balutin),plays an ambiguous part ...and dies! Virna Lisi is a gorgeous Coplan girl (and unlike the starlets of those flicks,a good actress too).Coplan remains chaste during all his mission and he saves his only kiss for the last scene.There are a few hints at sixties French politic

    Directing is flat and plain, screenplay is unimaginative and humor is absent .The only spectacular scene is a long fight on (and under) a train.

    Unlike OSS 117,whose spoofs with Jean DUJARDIN were big hits in recent years ,Coplan did not enjoy a second coming:a miniseries starring Philippe Caroit (late eighties-early nineties) did not restore him to favor.

    Like this....try these (Every movie has a different actor playing the secret agent)

    -"Action Immediate " ,Labro ,1957 -"Coplan FX 18, Agent Secret , Cloche,1963 -"Coplan Fx 18 Casse tout" ,Freda ,1965 -"Coplan Ouvre Le Feu A Mexico " ,Freda ,1966 -"Coplan Sauve Sa Peau" Boisset ,1967 :this last one is probably the best of the lot , the only one which transcends trite spy thrillers