Appearing in "Courtship of Eddie's Father" in his film debut in the uncredited role of Child at Party in Indian headdress is Ron Howard's (Eddie) younger brother, Clint Howard. This marks the beginning of a career for Clint punctuated by appearing in film and television work that also involves his brother Ron.

In Norman Jones's (Jerry Van Dyke's) radio studio, there are black-and-white publicity photos of various celebrities on the wall. One of the pictures is of Jerry Van Dyke's brother, Dick Van Dyke, who was starring in The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) at the time the film was made. Among the many other 60s celebrities pictured are Anna Maria Alberghetti and Mort Sahl.

The film that Eddie and his father see at the cinema is Sam Peckinpah's western Ride the High Country (1962) - like this film, an MGM picture.

The movie Tom watches briefly and somewhat wistfully on TV before Eddie comes in to say he feels "real terrible" is Mogambo (1953).

Angie Dickinson was originally announced for role played by Dina Merrill.

MGM produced a special 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record sent to movie theaters that contained movie radio spots for a "Blonde, Redhead and Brunette" contest. The record was produced by Donahue & Coe Inc. Advertising of New York.

Portrays one of the first TV wireless remote controls shown in any feature film.

Stella Stevens said in a 2004 interview that her favorite director is Vincente Minnelli, who directed her in this film. She said she felt he was "the most fabulous genius with whom I've ever worked." She added that the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences recently had an evening of Vincente Minnelli's work. She I went to it and it had excerpts from almost all his films, but nothing from The Courtship of Eddie's Father, which she thought that was so wrong.

Rance Howard: Appearing in an uncredited role (camp counselor) is Ron Howard's father. As with Clint Howard, this was one of several times Rance would be part of a production involving Ron.

Previously Ron Howard and Shirley Jones had played sister and brother in The Music Man (1962) while in this movie they probably become stepmother and stepson.