This marked the final Italian sword and sandal/mythological muscleman movie to be made by Steve Reeves. He would make several "Sandokan" movies and a spaghetti western before retiring from the screen.

This film was shot using American Bausch and Lomb CinemaScope lenses instead of the various European widescreen systems.

For the U.S. release through M.G.M., the film was re-titled "The Slave." The promotional material clearly mentioned "Steve Reeves is The Son of Spartacus."

In the javelin contest, the ship's captain says that it would take Hercules to remove the javelins from the ship's mast. Steve Reeves had become a worldwide sensation playing Hercules in two movies which started the craze for these Italian sword and sandal epics.

Unlike most of the Italian sword-and-sandal films of the 1960s which were shot at Cinecitta Studios in Rome, this film was shot mostly on location in Egypt.

Passed by the British Board of Film Censors on 1 April 1963 with an "A" certificate (children had to be accompanied by an adult), this was the only Steve Reeves epic to run at two London West End cinemas simultaneously. Under the title Son of Spartacus it opened at both the Coliseum and Ritz cinemas on 4 April 1963, running for two weeks and four weeks respectively. As a Christmas attraction it returned to the Ritz on 19 December 1963 for a further three weeks. The general release at normal prices began on Sunday, 29 December 1963 when it was re-classified as a "U" (suitable for all ages) and shared the bill with Flipper (1963). In spite of Son of Spartacus doing very successful business at that time, the film fell into obscurity after 1967, with no UK showings on television, video or DVD.