Raoul Almeido: I'll be your "amigo" for free.

Mike Windgren: An "amigo" I can use right now.

Dolores Gomez: You don't like me in the day time?

Mike Windgren: Not in front of all of these people.

Raoul Almeido: [on the phone] Tropicana, por favor?

Mike Windgren: Are you sure you're not a 40 year old midget?

Raoul Almeido: Blood is thicker than tequila. I find another nobody to build into a somebody.

Mike Windgren: Don't worry, Raoul. I'm not leaving here yet. I've got something to do first.

Marguerita Dauphin: Buenos noches.

Moreno: And good evening to you too SeƱorita.

Dolores Gomez: You're not leaving already.

Mike Windgren: Join us for a drink?

Marguerita Dauphin: Thank you but I have to get home.

Moreno: It's too hot and cold in here.

[first lines]

Mike Windgren: Hold it down. Everyone's asleep. Siesta.

Armando: It's too early for siesta.

Mike Windgren: [singing] Viva el vino, viva el dinero / Viva, Viva, el amor.

Mike WindgrenRaoul Almeido: [singing] Mexico, Mexico / They've got muchas, mu-cha-chas, amigos.

Raoul Almeido: [singing] Senoritas

Mike Windgren: [singing] Never saw such adorable creatures.

Mike Windgren: [singing] Who makes me tremble with wonderful rapture / With one burning glance, from her eyes / Marguerita...

Mike Windgren: [singing] I said, "Take it easy, baby / I worked all day and my feet feel just like lead / You got my shirt tail flyin' all over the place and the sweat poppin' out of my head" / She said, "Hey, Bossa nova, baby, Keep on a workin' for this ain't no time to quit" / She said, "Go, Bossa nova, baby, keep on dancin' I'm about to have myself a fit" / Bossa nova, Bossa nova.

Mike Windgren: [singing] You can't say no, in Acapulco / Where romance blooms, and love is in the air / So kiss me tender, love me true / Darling feel this magic too / Don't say no, you can't say no, in Acapulco. / Don't say no, you can't say no, in Acapulco.

Moreno: Oh, it must be a very important mission that sends you off in such a hurry.

Mike Windgren: If you must know I'm on the way to La Perla to see your girl.

Moreno: What a coincidence. I'm going there, too, to make a beautiful dive for your North American astronaut. We can share a taxi.

Mike Windgren: Thanks, but no, thanks.

Moreno: The chicken wants to get to the other side of the road.

Mike Windgren: You better move.

Moreno: Why don't you move me.

[last lines]

Mike Windgren: [singing] Ay colomitos i nol vidables, i nol vidables como las tardes / En que la lluvia, des de la loma, ir nos hacia, hasta Zapopam / Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Guadalajara / Guadalajara, Guadalajara.

Dolores Gomez: Don't you think Mike was good?

Marguerita Dauphin: In which performance?

Dolores Gomez: Why do you leave so soon? We just start to have fun.

Marguerita Dauphin: It's time for a working girl to be in bed.

Dolores Gomez: Is there any special time?

Mike Windgren: What are you doing here this isn't a malt or a hamburger joint? And that better be Coca - Cola you're drinking or your dad is gonna go through the roof!