Elvis Presley didn't film in Acapulco and a stunt double was used. Elvis himself was barred from entering Mexico as he had been declared as "persona non grata" by the Mexican government due to two incidents at the Las Americas movie theatre in the Mexican capital, one of them being a brawl between Elvis's fans and naysayers. The main cause was comments made by Elvis himself saying that he refused to perform live in Mexico, as he found the country distasteful as a whole and would've preferred to "kiss three African Americans than a single Mexican." Elvis did not in fact say this. It was reported that a Mexican politician started this rumour because Elvis would not give a private concert for his daughter and her friends

Teri Garr made her uncredited movie debut as an extra in this film. She would go on to appear as an uncredited extra in several more Elvis Presley movies before becoming a full-fledged actress.

The cliff dives take place at La Quebrada in Acapulco.

Features a cameo appearance by the legendary actor Howard McNear. (Who was Floyd the Barber in The Andy Griffith Show)

Fun in Acapulco was Elvis` second film to be directed by Richard Thorpe. The first was Jailhouse Rock in 1957.

Ursula Andress has spoken in interviews about how tame the bikinis were in this film.