Barker: We've got twenty beautiful girls and only ten beautiful costumes!

Madame Estrella: You dirty, filthy pig! So, I belong with the freaks, huh? I'll fix you so even the freaks won't look at you.

Ortega: Must do as Madame Estrella says.

Madame Estrella: Look at the beautiful, speening wheel. See how it speens!

Harold: I think you clouded up her crystal ball.

Madame Estrella: Clouds affect only the cloudy.

Madame Estrella: You wish your fortunes told?

Harold: What do you think we came here for, to eat?

Jerry: Her mother doesn't like anything, especially me.

Harold: Well, if you get a job or something, she might change her mind, you know?

Jerry: A job! Be a little discreet about that, will you, Harold? Somebody's liable to hear you.

Harold: Well, you gotta do something, you know?

Jerry: Why? The world's here to be enjoyed, not to make you depressed. That's what work does, Harold, it makes you feel depressed.

Harold: So instead of being in that state of depression, why don't we head out, okay?

Jerry: Swing it!

Jerry: How's college?

Madison: Fine.


Madison: You should try it sometime

Jerry: No thanks.


Jerry: The world's my college.