This movie was the first winner of Photoplay's Front-Cover Award for showcasing new talent.

The racetrack, Hollywood Park in Inglewood, is long gone. On its site now stands the brand new football venue, SoFi Stadium, of Los Angeles.

Despite Warner Bros. having an exclusive deal to feature Ford vehicles in its films, producer Joseph Landon was allowed to use the Rolls-Royce he wanted. It was rented for $500 (over $4,400 in 2021).

The producers hired a real horse auctioneer, Laddie Dance for this film.

Five horses were needed for the role of one: the "main" horse, two stand-ins, and two "stunt" horses who could fall convincingly.

The title was explained in a contemporary article in the Los Angeles Times as the sound a jockey hears from the crowd as he goes down the final stretch in a race.