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(I) (1965 TV Movie)

Lesley Ann Warren: Cinderella



  • Prince : What is your name, lass?

    Cinderella : I am called Cinderella.

    Prince : Cinderella. And why are you called that?

    Cinderella : Because I sit among the ashes.

    Prince : And why do you do that?

    Cinderella : To warm my feet. You see, sir, I sleep in the attic where it's always cold.

    Prince : And why do you sleep in the attic?

    Cinderella : The other rooms are occupied by my stepmother and my stepsisters.

    Prince : And where does your father sleep?

    Cinderella : [looking up hopefully]  In heaven.

  • Prince : I have a strange feeling that we have met before. That I have heard your voice before. Is that possible?

    Cinderella : It's possible. Yes, everything is possible tonight!

    Prince : Everything is different. Everything has changed since you came. I have never felt this way before.

    Cinderella : Nor I.

  • Prince : Come out. We will not harm you.

    Cinderella : I dare not.

    Prince : Why not?

    Cinderella : I do not know you and no one is at home and my stepmother will beat me if I speak to anyone while she is away.

  • Stepmother : Did anyone call while we were away?

    Cinderella : Yes, ma'am.

    Stepmother : Who was it?

    Cinderella : Only a traveler who stopped for a dipper of water.

    Stepmother : And you gave it to him?

    Cinderella : Yes, ma'am.

    Stepmother : I told you never to open that door while we were away!

    Cinderella : But he was so thirsty, and his smile was so kind.

    Stepmother : [coldly]  Go to your corner, and stay there till you're called.

    Cinderella : Yes, ma'am.

  • Cinderella : [after giving Prince water]  More?

    Prince : [Gently, as Ten Minutes Ago softly plays]  No, thank you most kindly.

    Cinderella : [with tears in her eyes]  You are most kindly welcome, your highness.

    Prince : [face exhibits recognition]  We have spoken these words before!

    Cinderella : [sobbing]  Yes, your highness.

    Prince : [gently touches her cheek]  Not only here, but in a moonlit garden!

    Cinderella : [sobbing]  Yes, your highness.

  • Prince : Are you really here, or are you a figure of enchantment? Is this really happening, or are we in a dream?

    Cinderella : If it is enchantment, I hope it is forever. If it is a dream, I wish never to awaken.

    Prince : If it is not enchantment or a dream, then why do I feel as I do?

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