Margaret DeLorca: [to her identical twin sister Edith] Smoking is bad for you skin. I gave it up years ago.

Paul Harrison: Too bad I called and woke you last night. This might not have happened.

Margaret DeLorca: It wouldn't have mattered when you called. I've gotten so I'm afraid to turn around for fear of what will happen next.

Paul Harrison: Oh, just one of those rough patches, Margaret. Things will look better in a few months.

Margaret DeLorca: Unzip me, will you? I want to get out of these things. God, how I hate mourning. Did you see those characters at the funeral? Old California up to their stiff necks. Do you know how long I have to wear black?

Edna Phillips: Louses things up for you, doesn't it, Maggie? You're really broken up. I can see that.

Tony Collins: The only thing I care about is you and a Maserati in that order.

Dede Marshall: Maggie, darling! Forgive me for not coming to the cemetery yesterday but Tom has an absolute phobia about cemeteries. Besides, we had to go to this cocktail party in Pasadena. Entertainers. Darling, it was absolutely mad! You wouldn't believe some of the things that went on.

Margaret DeLorca: When are you going back to San Francisco?

Edith Phillips: I haven't lived in San Francisco for ten years. Not since father died. A wino.

Margaret DeLorca: A wino?

Edith Phillips: Yes. He drank wine because he couldn't afford to buy whiskey anymore. After he was fired off the Express and every other newspaper west of the Rockies. They finally took him away in a straitjacket.

Margaret DeLorca: Oh, Edie, how awful! Poor Father. Why didn't you ever tell me?

Edith Phillips: Well, I did let you know about the funeral. But you didn't come... somehow.

Margaret DeLorca: We must have been in Europe. Frank and I traveled a lot in those days.

Edith Phillips: [as her wealthy identical twin sister Margaret inspects Edith's dingy apartment, Edith says sarcastically to her] A dump?

Margaret DeLorca: You really hate me, don't you? You've never forgiven me in all these years.

Edith Phillips: Why should I? Tell me why I should.

Margaret DeLorca: Well, we're sisters!

Edith Phillips: So we are... and to hell with you!