Bugs Bunny: [posing as a doctor] All right now, open your mouth and say ahhhh...

[looks in Taz's mouth]

Bugs Bunny: Hmm, that looks pretty bad. I guess we'll have to paint it.

[paints Taz's tongue green]

Bugs Bunny: Can't take chances with any of them streptococcuses, you know.

Bugs Bunny: [the Frankenstein Monster turns on Bugs] No, no, no, n-not me, Frankie! No, not me! No no, Frankie! No! No!

[Bugs is beat up off-screen; he hobbles back into view wearing an arm cast]

Bugs Bunny: Is there a doctor in the house? Huh? Is there? Ohh...

Bugs Bunny: [in "therapy" with Bugs as the psychiatrist]

[speaking in an accent]

Bugs Bunny: Just relaxing und telling me about your id ven you vas a kid. Jah?

Tasmanian Devil: Me first remember a long time ago in Tasmania, I was only three years old, but I was mean little devil!


Bugs Bunny: [taking notes] Yah, "mean little devil", ha ha, that's very funny. Don't talk so fast. I gotta write-a down the good stuff.