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  • Another (the 3rd) film adaptation of Curt Goetz' play and plea for humanity and human dignity. It is a far better film than Goetz' own film adaptation ("Frauenartz Dr. Prätorius", 1950, q.v.); enjoyable and well-made with good direction by Kurt Hoffmann, though - sadly perhaps - it is no improvement on the version Joeph L. Mankiewizc made in 1952: "People Will Talk". Heinz Rühmann makes a good Prätorius that is different from Goetz' own interpretation: more quite. Liselotte Pulver and Rühmann make a fine couple.

    Within the career of Kurt Hoffmann the film is also proof that his once very personal style for light comedy is disappearing: it is very good routine but nothing more than that. But still, German cinema could be glad to still have a director who would be up to this kind of comedy.