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  • A black and white film made up of three episodes, directed by 3 Italian directors, Massimo Franciosa, Mino Guerrini and Giuliano Montaldo. Montaldo is also the most known and the most valuable. He is the one who made the masterpieces "Sacco & Vanzetti" and "Giordano Bruno", both with the unparalleled Gian Maria Volont√®, plus many other special films. This one is not bad but not great neither. Gastone Moschin, Lando Buzzanca and Renato Salvatori, the best-known actors in the three episodes, are OK. Maria Perschy in a role of Swedish beauty(she's Austrian), Lena von Martens in a role of Italian beauty(she's Finnish) and Agata Flori as another Italian beauty(she's Tunisian).