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[the twin fairies translate a conversation between Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra]

ShobijinShobijin: Oh, Godzilla, what terrible language.

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Detective Shindo: Ahhh, these monsters are as stupid as human beings!

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Naoko Shindo: Gimme that key or I'll call the police!

Detective Shindo: Are you stupid? Have you forgotten that I AM the police?

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Mas Selina Salno, Princess of Sergina: Why does no one pay heed to my warning? The entire human race will parish from the Earth. When the monster Ghidrah passes, only flaming ruins are left.

Detective Shindo: Ghidrah?

Mas Selina Salno, Princess of Sergina: Centuries ago, the monster appeared in the skies of Mars. Within a month, the culture of Mars had been wiped out completely. The civilization on my planet had reached a stage of development which you people will not achieve for a long time. Centuries, at least. Today, because of the space monster, it is a dead world. Dead and unpopulated.

Dr. Tsukamoto: It would be a bad situation if that creature came here to Earth.

Mas Selina Salno, Princess of Sergina: It's worse, because he's arrived.

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[Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra are conversing]

Naoko Shindo: Good... good heavens, it looks like they're having a conversation. Oh... Why, Shindo, what do you think they're saying to each other?

Detective Shindo: Huh, how would I know? You expect me to understand monster talk?

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[the police are puzzled how the princess could've survived an exploding airplane, but an expert has an opinion]

Alien Expert: Yes, it is possible for someone to be saved from an exploding aircraft. If we understand the curvature of space, we know that the continuum surrounding any spherical body such as our world is composed of different dimensions. The force of the explosion created a gap between these dimensions, and fortunately for her, she fell into it.

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Yellow Hoodie Guy: Professor, look, it's getting big again.

Professor Miura: Yes. According to these figures, it's bigger than it was before.

Other Guy: That's impossible. How can a meteorite grow?

Professor Miura: Nevertheless, it's growing.