Pedro: I used to think the most terrifying thing in life is death. Now I know the most terrifying thing in life is life.

The voice of Cuba: I am Cuba. Once, Christopher Columbus landed here. He wrote in his diary: "This is the most beautiful land ever seen by human eyes." Thank you, Señor Columbus. When you saw me for the first time, I was singing and laughing. I waved the fronds of my palms to greet your sails. I thought your ships brought happiness. I am Cuba. Ships took my sugar, and left me tears. Strange thing... sugar, Señor Columbus. It contains so many tears, but it is sweet...

The voice of Cuba: I am Cuba. Sometimes it seems to me that the sap of my palm trees are full of blood. Sometimes it seems to me that the murmuring sounds... around us are not the ocean but choked-back tears of the people. Who answers for this blood? Who is responsible for these tears?

News Announcer: The General Fulgencio Batista, Honorable President of the Republic, receives an award...

Drunken American Sailors: [singing] Around the world we travel far and wide, Around the whole damn cock-eyed world, We're from the greatest country here on earth, The USA that noble land of our birth! The sexy broads in old Guantanamo, They give us all we want and never say no, Let's have a drink, let's get tight, out on the loose tonight, Here comes the Navy, Hooray! - - We are the heroes of old Uncle Sam, Wherever he is in a jam, We're from the greatest country here on earth, The USA that noble land of our birth! The bars are open 'til the break of day, We'll carouse until it's anchors aweigh, there's going to be a hot time in the old town tonight, 'Cause here comes the Navy, Hooray!

The voice of Cuba: I am Cuba. These are the people about whom legends will be told. From all parts, they are coming to the mountains of the Sierra Maestra. They are going to fight.

The voice of Cuba: [Slums of Havana] I am Cuba. Why are you running away? You came here to have fun? Go ahead, have fun! Is this a happy picture? Don't avert your eyes. Look! I am Cuba. For you, I am the casino, the bar, the hotels. But the hands of these children and old people, are also me.

Beauty Pageant Emcee: And now Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment of truth. We ask you to give a big hand to our beauties. Louder! Louder! Ladies and Gentlemen!

Ugly American #1: Gentlemen, all men are created equal and that goes for the broads too! So, let's be really democratic about it and draw lots.

Señor Acosta: Pedro, your house isn't yours any more. Your house isn't yours any more. I've sold these lands to United Fruit. I've sold these lands to United Fruit. You grew your sugar cane on my land. Your house isn't yours any more...

Enrique: Stop at the University.

[Departs bus and runs up the steps of the University]

Enrique: They killed Fidel Castro! They killed Fidel Castro! Here it's in the paper. Where's Alberto? Alberto, Fidel Castro has been killed!

Alberto: It's a lie, Enrique. Here's what we need to do. We have to let all Havana know that this is a lie. Fidel Castro is alive. He and his comrades have landed in the Oriente province... And have begun the struggle.

Alberto: Fidel is in the Sierra Maestra. He's gathering all honest people under the banner of the revolution.

Enrique: We're just going to go on sitting here with our hands folded?

Alberto: No Enrique, we won't just be sitting around.

Enrique: That fat murderer is going to keep killing our comrades.

Police Officer: [Holding a copy of Lenin's "The State and Revolution"] Who's book is this? Who's book is this!

Student Activist #!: It's ours.

Police Officer: Yours?

Student Activist #!: It's our book. And anybody who hasn't read it is an ignoramus.

[Shot and killed]

Student Activist #2: Long live Freedom! Long live the Revolution! Cubans! Fidel lives! He's up in the Sierra Maestra with his comrades! He and his comrades are fighting against Batistia.

[Shot and killed]

Student Activist #3: Long live Liberty! Death to the tyrant! Liberty or death! Down with tyranny!

[Shot and killed]

The voice of Cuba: I am Cuba. There are two paths for people when they are born. The path of slavery - it crushes and decays. And the path of the star - it illuminates but kills. You will choose the star. Your path will be hard, and it will be marked by blood. But in the name of justice wherever a single person goes, thousands more will rise up. And when there are no more people, then the stones will rise up. I am Cuba. When men are born, there are two paths. You will choose the star... The path will be hard, and it will be marked by blood.

Student Marchers: [singng] Run to the battle, fellow people of Bayamo. Your country looks at you with pride. Do not fear a glorious death, to die for your motherland is to live. To live enchained is to submit to insult and ignominy. Hear the bugle sound: Prepare for battle, o' valiant ones! Onward!

Soldier: Where is Fidel?

Captured Revolutionary #1: Fidel? I am Fidel.

Soldier: Where is Fidel?

Captured Revolutionary #2: I am Fidel!

Captured Revolutionary #3: I am Fidel.

Insurgent Radio Announcer: This is Insurgent Radio broadcasting from the Oriente province. From the Sierra Maestra, Free Territory of Cuba. Cubans, join the struggle. You, victim of humiliation, hatred and crime. You have borne on your shoulders injustice, destitution, and the deprivation of your rights. Listen! Revolution! Revolution! In the face of hostile malice. You, peasant. You, worker. You, student. You, Cuban! Raise your armed fist! The revolution is fighting for the complete and absolute national independence of our motherland. The revolution fights for the right of everyone to get an education. And equal opportunity. For the defense of life given to each of us. In defense of people's well-being, we fight! Each family has the right to adequate housing. Each Cuban has the right to work. Thousands of heads of families and thousands of young people have no work. They have no future. The revolution will industrialize the country. It will eliminate unemployment and will restore to the people all the wealth that was stolen from them. You, farmer. You, worker. You, student. Take your place in the struggle. This is your revolution! Liberty or death!

The voice of Cuba: I am Cuba. Your hands have gotten used to farming tools. But now a rifle is in your hands. You are not shooting to kill. You are firing at the past. You are firing to protect your future.