Richard Bramwell: Well you know the mentality of that Board, they're hooked on the idea of corporate image; solid American gentry, family respectability. For their top executives there are not Ten Commandments, only one: thou shalt be married - happily and respectably married...

Carter Harrison: ...Whether you like it or not

Richard Bramwell: That's right!

Carter Harrison: Well I've done just fine, these past seven years, happily and respectably, separated. And I've loved every minute of it

Richard Bramwell: Yeah, well, that's all gonna change. From now on you're going to have a new look. No more gay married bachelor, you've got to be Carter Harrison, family man

Carter Harrison: You are out of your skull!

Richard Bramwell: Carter, when that Board meets in Boston, you can be Yankee Doodle riding to town on a solid gold pony... income in six figures, a private plane, your own yacht, a house in Palm Beach - it's yours. All you need to do is show up in Boston, the week after next with one reasonably respectable wife

Carter Harrison: Forget it!