In the episode The Big Valley: Caesar's Wife, Audra is pouring a half a pitcher of lemonade into Will's (Tim O'Kelly) cup. Being startled Audra goes to investigate with Will outside the outside barn; Audra is still carrying the pitcher of lemonade, but it's still full.


The series is apparently set during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant. However many of the years and dates mentioned during the series conflict with this setting.


The fashions worn in the series reflected the 1960s filming era rather than its 1880s setting. For example, a proper woman such as Victoria Barkley would have never worn pants and nearly all of the men's clothing is period inappropriate.


The majority of the weapons used in the series were manufactured far later than its mid-1870s setting. In fact, many are from the 1890s and after the turn of the 20th century.


The majority of the women on the series had their set using hairspray as well using techniques that were not available in 1870s America. In fact hairspray was not invented until WWII and only came into regular use in the post-war years.


The majority of the males in the series were clean-shaven which was not only unfashionable for the time, but relatively rare in areas where access to clean water was limited.

Character error

Despite being "ladies" neither Victoria Barkely, nor here daughter Audra rode side-saddle. Both women rode on horseback like men, not how proper women of the time would ride.