Nick Barkley: It might do you good to eat a little dust once in awhile.

Jarrod Barkley: I'm a lawyer, remember? I only eat crow.

Heath: Boy Howdy! I've got blisters in places I didn't even know I had places.

Heath: Well its no pride I got in him for a daddy, but its a proud name, and I'm gonna wear it. And Boy Howdy! People are gonna look up to me!

Nick Barkley: Untie me and I'll show you a little justice, Barkley style.

Victoria Barkley: When Nick is pushed, he pushes back with everything he has.

Jarrod Barkley: Nick, I promise never to call you a bull in a china shop again.

Nick Barkley: We get back in one piece, you can call me anything you like.

Heath: Now I have had me a day...!