Ivan Tors first discovered Clarence at "Africa, U.S.A.", an affection training compound located in Soledad Canyon near Los Angeles. Born cross-eyed, Clarence's strange physical condition inspired Ivan Tors to create the MGM feature film "Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion" and the spin-off series Daktari (1966). When the audience saw what Clarence saw, it was in double vision. Reportedly, Clarence was very good with children. Another not so friendly lion named Leo doubled for Clarence in some scenes. He was used only for the snarling scenes and general scenes which didn't involve close proximity with humans. Leo had come to "Africa, U.S.A." from a family in Utah. His ferocity was due in part to the mistreatment he received from former owners who reportedly beat him with a stick

Marshall Thompson really got bitten in the movie by the leopard named Nero.

Led to the Daktari (1966) TV series, which ran on CBS-TV from 1966-1969

Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion and Judy the Chimpanzee both won PATSY Awards for this movie.

The Elephant Used in the Film is Obviously an Indian/Asian Elephant and not an African Pachyderm.