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  • A group of friends gathered together for a friend's funeral find themselves haunted by her ghost who tries to alert everyone that she's not deceased yet.

    This was probably one of the most disappointing Mexican horror efforts I've seen yet, since this one could've been one of the better ones but instead is pretty flawed. Most of this comes from the fact that there's hardly anything at all going on, from the fact that everyone seems to just stand around talking to everyone about what's going on, and not understanding the language at all makes for endless scenes of people in a large Gothic mansion yakking away indescribably, which isn't a fun experience. Still, it could've been great from the fact that the ghost materializes into the scenes rather nicely and the opening sequence is a Gothic masterpiece that starts it up wonderfully with the scrawl through the cemetery before it appears from behind the top of a tomb during a torrential rainstorm, but it just doesn't do anything else with it. Overall, this one was pretty disappointing.

    Today's Rating: Unrated/PG: Mild Violence