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  • In India, this movie is considered a textbook for directing films. I would say it's a textbook for acting, editing, song-writing, and music direction. If Vijay Anand's direction made this movie a classic, S.D. Burman's music made it unforgettable.

    Of course, before the movie came R.K. Narayan's story of Raju, the guide; a story that lent its honesty to the film: The protagonist is not infallible, he is human. He doesn't get everything right. He is not loved by everybody. He cheats, albeit in love, and pays the price. He attempts to cheat again when he tries to run away from the village where he is being considered a saint and is being expected to fast for rain. That's when he realizes he has run enough attains peace.

    Without going any more into some of the more abstract reasons this is my all-time favorite film, I'll point out some of the more obvious. Only the genius of S.D. Burman could create "Din Dhal Jaaye", "Tere Mere Sapne", and "Piya Tose Naina Laage Re" - all for the same film! It is rumored that R.D. Burman ghost-composed some of the songs (especially "Aaj Phir Jeene Ki") as his father had taken ill at some critical point in the film. Regardless of which Burman did it, I am thankful for what he did.

    Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman are two of my most favorite actors. With this movie, Dev Anand silenced his critics. His acting, especially in the last part of the movie, is heart-wrenching.

    I disappointed to know that S.D. Burman did not win the Filmfare award for Guide. Not that awards matter - Pink Floyd never won a Grammy (well if you don't count the one they got for "Cluster One", which was just and instrumental).
  • This film featuring Dev Anand in the title role is a film with a philosophical bend so well blended with the storyline that you may very well miss it if you are not a good cinema reader... this film is a story about a young charismatic guide who earns his living by guiding art lovers through the ancient relics of Ajanta and Elora-a very ancient cave sculpture site. He falls in love for a very talented but uncared wife of a sculpture researcher who suddenly on his visit to this relics stumbles upon a priceless discovery of very ancient cave sculpture..his passion for his work and the consequent neglect of his wife sets the stage of a accidental love between the guide and the young and beautiful wife aptly portrayed by the charming Waheeda Rehman.This love is a result of the appreciation and recognition of the potential of the talented wife who has a penchant for dance and music...The saga enfolds and leads to the lady becoming a famous dancer thanks to the management of the guide who is now totally in love with the dancer....The husband repents and tries to woo his wife back and dedicates the original manuscript of his work on the cave sculptures to her and the guide...also he sends her the royalty earned from his work...the charmed lover the guide in order that the wife may not return to her husband...endorses the check on her behalf by forging the that she does not know about the change of heart of her husband...this lands him in soup and he is arrested on charges of forgery...she refuses to bail him out just because he had acted wrongly...the story takes a philosophical turn and the happy go lucky guide wanders off after the jail sentence..the wife does love the guide and waits for him but he goes away disenchanted with his life...he reaches a desolate village and with his knowledge and wit finds himself as a guide of the ignorant people..they put full faith in him and turn to him in any crisis...but then the village faces a famine and they ask him for rain......that is not in his control but the villagers have faith..they ask him to go on a fast to woo the god...he pleads but the faith of the villagers forces him to take a fast..not eat anything or drink anything till it rains...he sets the stage for his death...but he knows he is a farce and does not want to die...then comes the struggle between his conscience and his outer self...this is the best part of the film and this is what makes it a classic..........tears flow in my eyes and there is rain.......but the man dies...the guide guides himself to glory..from powerlessness to strength...from life to death........see it to love it.....
  • Sep : 16 2005 I might be too young to comment about this great movie. I am just 24 years old. But i think age is not a bar to appreciate this movie. I see this move at least twice or thrice a week. Based on R. K. Narayan's Novel, "Guide" is by far the best movie ever made. Hats off to Narayan , Vijay Anand and Dev Anand. Not to forget S.D Burman Da 's music. This is a thought provoking movie. It, has the power to arouse the sub-conscious ethical senses. All the new directors have to learn a lot from this movie. Movie making is not just copying Hollywood. You can proudly say that Guide is a Hindi movie.... made in India. The concept of guide was far ahead to the contemporary movie making. It was made not only for that generation but for generations yet to come, just with enough impact to change lives..
  • Guide is an impeccable work of art, not simply a movie. I see it as a lifetime achievement for all those who were a part of it,not intending to undermine their other accomplishments.Vijay Anand,popularly called Goldie(movie director),shows his class and commitment to prove himself even when the English version of the movie directed by Ted Danielewski failed earlier.It was a just a five minute song that Yash Johar(PRO for production) showed to the distributors before they were convinced that the movie is a classic.The photography,art direction and production of the movie sets it apart from other movies of its era and at the same time puts it right up there on a different level.

    I would say that GUIDE is the soul of Indian Cinema and serves as an inspiration to many. For all those who doubt the talent and originality of Dev Anand(Raju), this is the answer. Waheeda Rehman(Rosie) has herself confessed that Guide was the best ever role that she performed. S D Burman's heart rendering music and Vijay Anand's vision have made this a landmark accomplishment for Indian Cinema.
  • GUIDE (1965) is an unsung classic of Hindi cinema, starring major Bollywood star Dev Anand. It's a beautifully-produced modern love story and focuses on what happens when a tourist guide takes up with an ex-dancer who has been abandoned by her archaeologist husband and then guides her career as she becomes a musical star. It has much in common with classic Hollywood romantic musicals in the way it seamlessly incorporates songs and musical numbers into the action and charts the success of its female star. It adds to this rags-to-riches show biz story some characteristic Indian twists which give it greater scope and deeper meaning.

    Based on a novel by R.K. Narayan, GUIDE stars Anand as Raju, a glib, well-liked freelance tour guide who takes visitors, Indian and foreign, to historic sites around Delhi and tells them stories--some true, some embellished--about these magnificent places. When Raju takes Rosy (Waheeda Rehman), the ex-dancer, under his wing it causes a rift between him and his mother, friends and co-workers, so he leaves with Rosy and helps her to embark on a career as a singing and dancing performer.

    However, as Rosy achieves stardom, Raju falls into bad habits, palling around with the money men, drinking and gambling heavily. Eventually, he is arrested for forging a check and is sent to jail. When he gets out he starts life anew and wanders alone far and wide before winding up in a remote desert village where, thanks to the endless stream of pearls of wisdom he dispenses, he is taken as a holy man. In the midst of a terrible drought, he is compelled to embark on a fast so as not to disappoint the villagers who believe his fast will bring rain. All the while, Rosy and his mother are searching for him.

    The story is not told in quite this order. We first see Raju as he is getting out of jail and we first see Rosy as she begins her search for him. The story then unfolds in flashbacks from both his and Rosy's perspectives. If there is any flaw in the narrative structure, it is that the exploits of Raju in his reign as holy man, or "swami," are given short shrift while the love story tends to bog down during the lovers' disillusion and drift apart. We needed to see more of Raju's life in the remote village. Given that the film is only 170 minutes (rather short for a Bollywood film), another half-hour of storytelling would not have hurt.

    Still, it is an accomplished work, boasting all the class, elegance and artistry of a classic Hollywood or European drama and few of the notable excesses of Bollywood films. It maintains a discreet cinematic distance that keeps the emotions in check while adding richer layers. There are songs and dances, but not too many, and they are all beautifully shot and staged, particularly the lavish, lengthy sequence showing Rosy's rise to stardom as a stage performer. The two leads, Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman, are both genuine movie stars in the classic sense and carry the film as well as any of their counterparts in other cinemas. Rehman, for one, has a presence which clearly recalls such Italian actresses as Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida. For those who are new to Bollywood, this film is a useful way to explore the roots of the Bollywood musicals that are finally attracting serious attention among film fans in the U.S.
  • When I travelled from India to US this was the only Hindi movie DVD that I carried with me. To me this is a "complete movie", as a movie should be. It entertains me by taking me through a wide gamut of emotions, it stimulates me spiritually and philosophically (indian faith, western existentialism are all there) and it is technically brilliant.

    Each scene seems to be individually composed and you can see the effort that director vijay anand and his crew put in. Raju speaks to us in one of the scenes "there is not much difference between me and you". And as he speaks this you see the statue of Krishna in the background and Raju's index finger stretched as if holding a sudarshan chakra. Brilliant!!! Subtle things like these that you have to watch out for. The name "Guide" itself conveys a different meaning at different times in the movie; a railway guide, a personal guide and then a spiritual guide.

    It is very sad that a brilliant director like Vijay Anand could never come out of the shadows of Navketan and despite giving us some of the most important and influential movies of our times was ignored. People in west respect their classics and make an effort that Billy Wilder, Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Chaplin etc. are not forgotten. New directors openly admit how much they have been influenced by these people. But in India, what is not on MTV is not worth remembering. In another 10 years no one will remember Vijay Anand.
  • Undoubtedly, one of the finest examples of film-making.This film is an absolutely original, Indian story, and does not owe anything to the west.Every aspect of the film is top-notch. The songs(each one, a masterpiece) blend so beautifully with the sequences, that one is convinced that the film would be incomplete without the songs.Adapted from the novel written by RK Narayan, the film explores the adventures and misadventures of the happy-go-lucky tourist guide, Raju(played by Dev Anand).The film moves on to the next level with the beginning of a love affair between Raju and a danseuse named Rosy(Waheeda Rehman) who is already married, but is discontented because her archaeologist husband doesn't really give a damn about her.The husband (Kishore Sahu) is shown to be deeply engrossed in the caves of Udaipur(the city where Raju is famously called "Raju guide")However, there is hardly any intimate scene between Raju and Rosy (later christened Nalini, in the film) and their feelings for each other are depicted in a very subtle manner. The characterization is so good that we sympathize with Rosy, rather than condemning her for having an extra marital affair....What happens next and what awaits Raju and Rosy is what the film is all about. Definitely a must-see film and certainly 10 on 10
  • Based on R.K. Narayan's famous novel, The Guide, Vijay Anand's Guide is a doubtless classic of Hindi movies. In a way, the movie broke tradition by presenting a relationship between a simple man who works as a guide and an unhappily-married woman he assists. The film's most remarkable feat is the lack of over-perfection. The characters are devoid of any heroic qualities. They are, like everybody else, flawed and imperfect people who have their ups and downs, and not typical self-sacrificing figures. The first scene when Dev Anand's Raju is released from prison made me predict that in typical Hindi-film style, he was actually there for no reason and was probably accused for no fault of his own. After all we are so used to seeing movies in which the lead characters are imprisoned either because they sacrificed themselves for somebody else or because they were deceived. Here Raju really did commit a crime. It's interesting how the story moves through several ironic turns. In the first half we see that Waheeda Rehman's Rosie is emotionally dependant on Raju as in him she finds a friend and confidant, and he is the one who inspires her to fight for her dignity and is her only support system. Later in the film, the story turns over when, with the help of Raju, Rosie achieves fame as a dancer. She is stronger, and feels more confident. There we see that it is actually Raju who is dependant on her, both emotionally and financially. He loses himself to drinking and gambling and is an altogether different person. Well, so is she, and that's what gives us a fascinating look at the complexity of their relationship.

    The second half is, by my estimation, much stronger than the first, but that's a good thing (the trouble is when it's the other way around). In many ways, the second half, namely the parts showing the conflict in Raju and Rosie's new life as a couple, is reminiscent of many classic Hollywood pictures involving relationships. The narrative structure is done well, never daring to torture the audience and instead making everything easy to follow despite many complex proceedings. Yes, there are moments which I felt were unnecessary and the film may be quite overlong, but otherwise it is well-edited although, of course, it is more a case of good storytelling, and due credit for the consistency goes to Vijay Anand for writing such a good script and directing it so well. The dialogue is for the most part excellent - it is rich and meaningful, and it's easy to see why many of the film's lines are famous to this today. They bring depth to the story and never sound cheesy or corny, just very appropriate and convincing. The film is also one of the most remarkable cinematographic achievements of the times, and the colour cinematography makes for an easy watch. The music, by S.D. Burman, is sublime, and rightfully each song is considered a classic. The songs are executed with impressive energy and colour, they never feel out of place, and are all situationally relevant as they enhance the meaning of the story. My favourite number is of course the highly popular "Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai", just because I saw it as an uninhibited celebration of the human spirit, and it is just an exhilarating and joyful number.

    Raju and Rosie have been known as iconic characters, and due credit for this must go to the actors, though they are well written. Dev Anand, as already mentioned, plays an imperfect man who is still rather classy as a character and it is a demanding part for any actor. This is the role of a lifetime for this popular actor, he sinks his teeth into it, and delivers. He is convincing even in the most crucial moments, where a lesser actor could have failed, and brings character to Raju. Waheeda Rehman shines as the conflicted Rosie, in a performance that, in spite of being so restrained, conveys so much of her inner pain and dissatisfaction from life. Her transformation is very convincing, as later in the film we see an altogether different woman, who is indifferent to her surroundings and to Raju as well. It never looks peculiar, where it could have because we saw a much more warm side of her character early in the movie. It goes without saying that her dance numbers are simply superb - they are some of the best portions of the film and they contribute significantly to the building of her character. Each one of them constitutes an expression of her state of mind, whether happy or tormented, and there is a certain fervour in her expressions and moves that explosively brings out her otherwise repressed energy and emotion. Anand and Rehman are supported by several actors who provide strong support even if not all of them are great actors. Kishore Sahu is good as Marco, Rosie's ignorant husband, although he has several weak moments. The glorious Leela Chitnis is wonderful as Raju's loving mother.

    Guide is a great film, though I would never call it flawless. In all fairness I found myself disappointed a bit with the conclusion of the story although I did see the redemptive tone of the ending. It is of course handled very well, but the chapter where Raju is mistaken as a holy man just didn't work for me as much despite the spiritual side of it. I still appreciate Guide and believe that fans of Hindi movies, and even foreigners who have not seen Indian movies, will enjoy this movie. It is a fine dramatic musical, and all I think is left to say is well-done.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Guide is a transcendental movie about finding (or losing) your way, and finding it again. At one level it is purely corporeal – about life's search for fame, fortune and love; but at a meta-level it asks: what are we really searching for? Just fame, fortune, love? Or is it altruism, God, or something even bigger than that? Guide looks for answers to nothing less that the deepest and toughest questions of life.

    Guide is about the many paradoxical situations of life. A village looks for guidance from a man, who is lost himself. A girl, who is trying to find freedom from her seedy background, finds imprisonment in a loveless marriage. A woman and a man dream of a successful future together, but are disenchanted and separated by the very same future they built together. Guide explores these situations subtly and honestly. True to reality, life itself is the protagonist and life itself is the villain; and the characters are but parts of a universe that is trying to comprehend itself through them.

    Unlike much of Bollywood fare, this movie has rich characters and strong character development. The main characters truly evolve through the movie. Vijay Anand's dialogs are excellent and express emotions as honestly as few movies have. A few scenes really stand out – one where Rosie and Raju, penniless, pretend to be a famous artiste and her eager fan; another where Rosie, sadly alienated from her lover says "there is a wall around my heart, and it seems like nothing can reach inside it – not happiness, not sadness".

    Last but not least, the songs are a delight and they only enhance the depth of the story. When Rosie tastes, for a day, the freedom she craves, we sing with her "I feel like living again". On our journey with Raju and Rosie, when they feel the cozy warmth of love and togetherness, we feel like singing "the colors of our dreams are now the same"; when they feel sad loneliness, we lament "the day ends, but alas, the night lasts forever".

    Guide is a great human drama, but what elevates it to an epic is the mystical undercurrent to the story. Sophisticated and progressive for a Bollywood movie made in 1965, Guide is a timeless masterpiece and very few Bollywood movies made before or since come close in scope, ambition and depth. It swept most major awards in 1965 (except, shockingly, for Best Music – which was won by Suraj), and will probably be a strong contender for these awards in any other year.
  • Herag17 March 2003
    The book was penned by an ace novelist by the name of R.K.Narayan, who wrote the story surrounding a small village in North India. The director was Vijay Anand younger brother of Dev Anand, who reluctantly accepted the task and changed the location to Udaipur, also called the Pink City, for its ornate pink palaces and now a tourist mecca. The partnership was called Navketan International. Navketan International even handled the advertising for this movie, which was pioneering and unique even for the '60s. The actor playing "Raju" was none other than,Devdutt Pishorimal Anand, Aka Dev Anand, Evergreen Anand, Dev Saab, an English major who trekked his way to Bombay (now Mumbai) the "Hollywood" of India now inaptly titled "Bollywood". Dev Anand was accepted by the Indian moviegoers instantly since he had chiseled features (mixture of Gregory Peck & Rock Hudson!)wore hats at a rakish angle,walked sort of sideways! and spoke Hindi with a clipped and poetic accent. Being handsome compared to some actors who were cherubic! didn't do any harm either. Dev Anand, who started his career in 1946, went on to act in over 100 movies in a span of fifty years, now an octogenarian, writer, producer,director of movies OF which, less said is better!

    But If there was one movie that was reflective of the confluent talent that was prevalent in Indian cinema of the '60s and '70s, it had to be "Guide". Dev Anand is not an actor in the sense of acting talent like Raj Kapoor or Rajendra Kumar(Sangam) but he got away because of his good looks. Where as Waheeda Rahman, was the Liz Taylor for looks and Merryl Streep for acting in Indian cinema. The part of "Rosie" was sculpted for her. She was a noted classical dancer. She too was reluctant in accepting the part that had, lot of insinuations and was considered a bad career move. Accepted she did and the rest is history, a cinematic masterpiece caught in Eastman color by cinematographer Jal Mistry. There is a scene, where, Raju (Dev Anand,) is drunk and sings his heart and soul to Rosie (Waheeda Rahman) who has emotions crushed between a pillow and she walks down the stairs and their hands meet between rails. This was the master director Vijay Anand at work using haunting melody of music that was the staple of great music directors like "Dada" Sachin Dev Burman, whose music will linger for ever. "Guide" is a movie you will treasure, to be taken out and watched once in a while, lest we forget the fact that there were gifted craftsmen who made great movies, when movie art was a passion practiced by chosen few. It was a Sacred Sanctum, albeit not Sacred Anymore!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched Guide around eight years ago and my memory fails me a bit. But so strong is the movie that it has left a strong impression on me. Some events of this comment might be a little off the mark but overall it is a true attempt.

    Guide is popular director Vijay Anad's best remembered movie. The movie won both critical acclaim and good box office sales. Based on acclaimed Indian novelist (of Malgudi Days fame) K R Narayan's book "The Guide", Guide is the story of two people Raju (Dev Anand) and Rosy (Waheeda Rehman) and there flaws. While Raju is a enthusiastic young tourist guide, Rosy is the cheerless, forlorn wife of an architect Marco. The setting is the scenic city of Udaipur (known for the lake palace). Marco is much older than Rosi and it is quite evident that the married life is not going smooth. Marco is more interested in the motionless wall sculptures of the caves he is studying with Raju's help, than in his wife.

    At heart Rosy is a girl. When she meets Raju the guide she blossoms into her true self (thanks to a suicide attempt Raju saved her from). Raju encourages her to develop her individuality - live her own life independent of Marco (who to add to his evil outlook is shown as a heavy drinker). The song "Aaj fir Jine Ki Tamanna Hai" based on Rosi (sung by Lata Mangeshkar) roughly translates to "(Today) I want to live again.." The songs effectively portrays both Rosi's suppressed energy and her quest for freedom. Rosi is interested in dancing something her husband wont allow her to do. Thanks to all the support she gets from Raju, she falls in love with him.

    In 1960's Hindu society such a relationship was definitely unacceptable - Even in Cinema. To show a relationship outside the sanctity of married life was a bold move. It required Director Vijay Anand's abilities to portray it and still win acclaim and viewer ship. It also required Waheeda Rehman's abilities at acting to be sanctimonious in spite of living outside her marriage.

    Raju and Rosie marry and now starts "..sadly ever after.."

    Rosi can now freely realize her dream as a dancer from Raju's support. During the classical music influenced "Piya tau see naina laage re" we see Rosi's rise in fame as a dancer. As Rosi becomes a popular dancer, Raju get more irresponsible. Acrimony creeps into their relationship because of Raju's jealousy and his sudden habit of drinking and signs a fraudulent cheque.

    The guide looses his own track.. only to seek it again as a hermit..

    The movie starts with "Wahan Kaun hai Tera, Musafir, Jayega Kahan?" sung by SD Burman (where will you go, oh traveler, you know no one there.) The song sets us up for the movie's philosophical tone. Guide has no heroes or blacks and whites every character has a spectrum of good and bad sides. The last and final song of the movie is a duel song "Mohse chhal kiye jaye" sung by Rosi and "Kya se kya ho gaya bewafa" by Raju present both there arguments. It is only near the end that Raju becomes a chance hero. Some villagers assume he is a saint and Raju forgets who he is and probably because he wants to pay penance for his mistakes, he starts to believe in his new life.

    Vijay Anand went on to see more success at box office with his thrillers. But Guide remains his best movie. A Classic, Guide swept the Filmfare awards - winning 7 Filmfares, best Movie, Director, Actor, Actress, Story, Dialogue and Cinematography. I wonder how on earth did it miss the Filmfares for its music.

    **spoiler warning** 'Guide' is a celebration of a "flawed" character who seeks love, pain, redemption and death. ******
  • Based on an acclaimed novel, 'Guide' takes us through a journey guided by the protagonists Raju (Anand) and Rosie (Rehman). Simply said, the story is about Raju, the tourist guide, who falls in love with an amateur dancer, Rosie, who's married to an archaeologist. Dance is Rosie's passion but due to her husband's discontent, she gives it up in the hope to please him and remain be devoted. Eventually, he abandons her and she seeks solace in Raju's companionship. Raju encourages her to follow her passion. However, the neighborhood, his family and friends object to their relationship and the fact that she's living in his house. Even his mother leaves him. With the help of Raju, Rosie becomes a successful dancer and a star while Raju spends the earnings on gambling, drinking and other such dealings. Rosie, though somewhat bothered by Raju's bad habits, she somehow tolerates them. Stardom has never been her ambition and she continues her dance only for the passion. Then, when Rosie's ex-husband makes his entry, it becomes too much for Raju to handle and here things change from bad to worse.

    The story isn't told in chronological order but due to brilliant writing and Anand's direction, it is easy to follow and keeps us engaged as the events unfold proving once again that Anand is one of the greater storytellers. The songs are among the memorable classics (beautiful lyrics) that are spectacularly picturised (thanks to the amazing cinematography and the dazzling locations) and support the narration. The characters are so brilliantly written with different layers showing us very real human beings. None of them are perfect and very easily relatable.

    Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman have acted together in a number of films, yet 'Guide' remains the most memorable film as their chemistry is simply electrifying. Not surprisingly, the characters Raju and Rosie have been immortalized by the two fabulous leads. Dev Anand as Raju delivers his best performance, while Waheeda Rehman as Rosie underplays her part to near perfection and portrays Rosie with élan and I loved her expressions in the song just before Raju is arrested.

    Finally, 'Guide' remains one of my favorite classics that I'll recommend to anyone. In my humble opinion it is one that will surprise you with it's storytelling and characters and one that will stay in your brave brain for quite some time.
  • Raju(Dev Anand) is a smart man from a small town. He knows many Indian languages, is hard working and owner of a railway shop but he rents his shop and chooses to work as a guide. Circumstances changes and at work he gets involved with an archaeologist's neglected wife Rosy(Waheeda Rahman). He ends up helping her, against the will of his mother, separate from her husband and become a world class dancer. Raju becomes a very rich and successful man as her lover and secretary. Raju cant handle his success and ends up in a jail under the charges of forgery. Free from jail Raju decides to travel as an anonymous soul and is mistaken for a 'mahatma' by simple villagers. Raju's inner conflict and cosmic conflicts becomes one as a mad villager by mistake set hesitant Raju sail on philosophical voyage.

    The film is based on a novel by RK Narayan which is as good as the film. 'Guide' is the best Indian film by any standard or scale. It is a sure Oscar winner. Graph of the character 'Raju' is unimaginably big. There is just no connection between where it starts from and where it reaches finally although he remains a 'guide' throughout. This is one of those films which changes you as a man. This film is flawless. Pace is fast and non linear. It keeps going back and forth in flashbacks but narration is tight. I think this film is the essence of most Indian philosophies like 'Atma' (soul), Parmatma (supreme soul of perfect consciousness), Tapasya (austerity), Moksha (liberation) etc. Last 30 minutes deals with philosophical questions like 'Is there God?', 'are we being watched?' etc. There are lots of things in the film which is not in the novel including the ending which I think is the most important factor of the graph of the character.

    Dev Anand is brilliant in this film. This is definitely the best film of most of the cast and crew except for may be SD Burman. Though as a soundtrack this is SD's best too. Background music is filled with flute pieces and sitar which works great to set the mood for a grand philosophical finale. 'wahan Kaun Hai Tera' is probably one of the best video I can think of. In the song people throw money at sleeping Raju considering him a beggar. In the next frame he leans on a tree and cries like a child and then runs like hell. This song beats any choreography I have seen in my life including 'Anand' and 'Pyasa'. The transformation of a common man to 'mahatma' is RK Narayan's genius which Goldy Anand has very neatly transported onto celluloid screen. By the way this film is considered a bible from the filmmkinh point of view. You can imagine if its the best of Goldy 'God' Anand himself. If you are an Indian and you like films and you have not seen this film then you are like VP Singh who had not heard of Bachchan until 1983 :>. So don't be a total dumb like him and watch it.
  • 52 years down the line & yet Guide still is fresh & relevant. Dev Anand was never given credit for his acting (perhaps people at that time were fond of theatrical acting of Dilip Kumar). However you have to see Guide (& other B & W movies before Guide) to realize how good an actor he was! In the song Waha kaun hai tera, when coins are thrown at him the expression of self deprecation given by him is one such example. Goldie's direction & treatment to the subject which was far ahead of its time is unparalleled.Finally what can be said about Sachinda's compositions. Surely this is the only movie all the songs of which will be as fresh 100 years from now as they are today.
  • Spondonman16 March 2014
    This is one of the seminal movies in the history of Bollywood, one of its very best - like the characters it portrays it's flawed but completely fascinating and compelling. And with music and lyrics by S. D. Burman and Shailendra vocals mainly by Rafi and Lata complemented by incessantly inventive camera-work and direction and sets in the very best '60's tradition you have something special.

    And there's a gripping roller-coaster script too: Dev Anand as Raju is released from prison for forgery, goes to a small village and inadvertently becomes the villagers swami while his story comes out in flashback. He was a slick-talking guide for a rich man who (just like a fool) didn't love his younger beautiful wife Rosie played by Waheeda Rehman who in turn loved dancing and Raju helped set up her career as a stage performer and fell in love with her and – well, far more to it than just that. The characterisations are fairly deep but episodic as style was definitely preferred over substance by director Vijay Anand – and the Style is relentless, continually restless cameras and snappy movement on screen to streams of audio interpolation or character interplay or invective means attention must be paid, right from the start. The songs are beautiful and more important than usual because they're integral to the plot. Even Waheeda ecstatically dancing by herself carried a wealth of information and plot development. Out of such a great selection my favourites were Piya Tose Naina Laage Re and Saiyaan Beimaan both sung by Lata with their colourful sets and costumes and vibrant dance routines – in fact they're two of my favourite Lata songs ever; the stately Gaata Rahe Mere Dil duet by Kishore Kumar and Lata always sticks in my mind afterwards. And Aaj Phir Jeene was voted 12th Bollywood movie song of all-time by listeners to UK BBC Asian Network in 2013. The song lyrics are beautiful but the dialogue is also wise – life and death may be illusions as averred by Raju's soul but this surely is fact!

    Dev said people thought him mad for pursuing with this Hindi version when an English one had flopped, and there was a cool initial reaction to the film when it was released. For those wishing for the first time for a view of Olde Bollywood, start here. This proper version is nearly three hours long and yet still leaves you thinking that there could have been more and was it rushed, just like real life. Not perfect, what is - but once seen, never forgotten.
  • Guide was in some words a game changer kind of a film. It had its share of controversies at its start but it was a different from the kind of films that were made in those times. Now we were told That Dev Anand was a huge star in the 50's and 60's and it takes one viewing of this film to convince us why. Impressive ,subtle and natural to the core.its his chamelion like performance that makes Guide a classic But Not to Forget the Eartheal Beauty and Aura of Waheeda Rehman who actually was the soul of the film and her dances and beautiful acting are exceptional to watch.

    Hits : Classic Songs , Excellent Film Making and Performances , Misses: Length, maybe a little too preachy. watch it on and with : if you love classics than this one is for you and if you watch it with a partner who has the same kind of taste and does not go to sleep :P

    Modern Wish List : I Wish if its remade in today's time the Ideal Dream cast would be Aamir and Vidya Balan and to be directed by Anurag Kashyap !!!
  • If I were to make a list of movies I would want to watch moments before I die, it would be The Seventh Seal, Waking Life, Wild Strawberries, Groundhog Day, Pyaasa and a few others. But one movie which I would pick above all great ones I have mentioned, is Guide by Vijay Anand. It is hard to put into words what this movie means to me.

    For starters, it reminds me of my grandmother and the expression on her, every time she saw the film. Sometimes when you watch a movie again and again, eventually the emotional connect gets somewhat diluted but not this one. Based on the book by R.K. Narayan, Guide treaded into areas considered taboo for Indian society let alone films whether it is the "extra marital affairs" or "living in relationship". But the greatness of the movies lies in the fact that the brilliant script and the honesty of the performances never distracted the audience from the "crux" of the film. Easily Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman's best performances who handle a delicate subject with maturity and create the "arc" of the character through the film that actors so crave for. It was a once in lifetime role and they made it their own.

    The plot revolves around Raju makes a living by acting as a guide for tourists on one hand, and a con-man on another. He meets with Rosie Marco during one of his tours, and is attracted to her. He finds out that Rosie is unhappily married, would like to separate from her spouse, and take up acting and dancing. With Raju's encouragement, Rosie succeeds and both become rich beyond their imagination. Raju's lifestyle becomes easy, and he succumbs to gambling, and drinking in a big way. He forges a signature, is caught, arrested, tried in court, found guilty and imprisoned. Rosie will now have nothing to do with him. After Raju completes his prison sentence, he is released and travels far and wide in an attempt to meet Rosie and also to try and avoid returning to the city. He is mistaken for a Saint, and asked to preside over a temple in a region that is stricken by severe drought. Raju must offer prayers for rain and appease the people, or else they will expose him for fooling them. The question remains will he succeed in conning devotees that have come far and wide to watch him perform a miracle?

    What makes the film stand the test of time, is the truthful writing of the characters. Instead of reducing them to caricatures and making the film simplistic, they are shows as human being. Flawed, ambitious, capable of love or hatred, jealousy, greed and ultimately redemption. And how can I complete review on Guide without mentioning the music by S.D.Burman, truly one of the all time greats. But the champion of the film is arguably Vijay Anand. Till date I reckon he is technically one of the finest Indian directors. Unfortunately, we did not see a lot of him behind the camera and too much in front of the camera for my liking.

    A masterpiece of the highest order which not only abides by the "bollywood" format, but asks some pertinent questions about presence of God, nature of the man, existentialism.
  • m-minhaj-722 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Guide, might be the best film that Indian cinema has ever produced. I may go a little further and call it a "perfect' film. It is a study on the nature of man.

    The journey of an ordinary man from being a carefree and happy soul, to becoming a corrupt and greedy man, falling to the pits of despair and loneliness. And in the end rising from the ashes as a phoenix, a beacon of hope for the hopeless.

    He reaches nirvana.
  • sherrvin-131 December 2018
    Based on noted author R.K.Narayan's English novel "the Guide", this movie is true to its credentials of being a benchmark in cinema making. Excellent story, screenplay, dialogues, camera movements, editing, acting, songs, lyrics, music and dancing sequences; you need to watch it 100 times to find a singular flaw. Vijay Anand has directed the movie besides writing the screenplay & dialogues and editing it. A complete film for those who wants to see real Indian cinema.

    I have never been a Dev Ananad fan but after watching this movie I realized why he is THE Dev Anand. He has performed amazingly well and so did Waheeda Rehman, the ever graceful beauty of all times. Leela Chitnis & Kishor Sahu have done exceedingly well. Mind blowing compositions by S.D.Burman for songs like; 1) Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai, 2) Din Dhal Jaye Haye, 3) Gaata Rahe Mera Dil, 4) Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya, 5) Piya Tose Naina Lage Re, 6) Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek and 7) Wahan Kaun Hai Tera, all written by Shailendra.

    Nominated for 1967's Filmfare awards in 9 categories, Guide begged 7 of them; Best Film (Dev Anand), Best Actor (Dev Anand), Best Actress (Waheeda Rehman), Best Story (R.K.Narayan), Best Dialogues (Vijay Anand), Best Director (Vijay Anand), Best Cinematography (Fali Mistry). Don't wait; put some efforts to watch this kind of movie. It's a must watch.

    My Rating is 9 out of 10; the rest 1 can be awarded only by a film maker but not a movie buff like me.
  • I cry when I watch it. fabulous acting of Dev Anand.
  • I don't normally write reviews, in fact this is my first ever, I am forced to express my emotions about this movie. Not a movie expert, I just enjoy what ever impacts me in a personal way. The Guide is a story which effects all of lifes, we tend to feel like Raju many times in our lives. As humans we are in a struggle to succeed, and develop as individuals. In this race we look for support of our loved ones who walk the road with us. This is the very pure and fundamental setting of the movie guide, where a guide "traveller" is traveling through different phases of his life. He finds his love and becomes rich and successful, but.. things don't stay the same. We experience the same in our lives. when our partner suddenly starts to change and rifts start to occur in relationships. The part in the movie where Raju is getting drunk and he starts to sing, thats a feeling of every man during that phase of life. There is so much to say about this movie. The music, the location, the characters, everything is so perfect. One of the greatest movies in Indian Cinema History.
  • "Guide" Directed,Written & Screenplay By Vijay Anand Is A Romantic Drama Based On A Novel "The Guide" By R.K.Narayan....Script Is Amazing... Screenplay Is Good....

    Story Is About Raju....After Being Released From Prison For Forgery He Reflects On His Life As A Guide... He Meets Daughter Of A Prostitute, Rosie...Who Is Unhappily Married To Marco...Wants To Take Up Dancing As A Career. She Separates & Moves in With Raju...& With Raju's Encouragement, She Succeeds Dancing, Resulting Both Are Now Wealthy. He Then Succumbs To Gambling,Alcohol,& Forges Rosie's Signature. He is Arrested, Found Guilty & Imprisoned. Now Discharged From Prison, He Decides To Go Somewhere & Start Afresh...& A New Chapter Starts...Which Changes His Course Of Life.

    Dev Anand As Raju Is Outstanding...It's The Best Performance By Him....Waheeda Rehman As Rosie is A Very Complex Character...She Does It With Ease....Kishore Sahu As Macro ...Is Well Written Character...He Does Fine ...The Others Leela Chitnis, Anwar Hussain & Gajanan Jagidar Have Well Performed...

    Music is Composed By Navketan's S.D.Burman....Written By Shailendra...It Is One Of The Best Bollywood Soundtracks...It Has Classics Like "Tere Mere Sapne" By Rafi....Is Best Of The Lot, "Aaj Phir Jeene Ki" By Lata, Gaata Rahe Mera Dil By Kishore & Lata, Din Dhal Jaye By Rafi, "Piya Tose Naina Lage" By Lata...

    Overall A Milestone In Indian Cinema...It Is Considered One Of The Best Movies Ever Made In Bollywood History..The Direction, Screenplay,Editing, Cinematography, Music, Acting Everything is Just Amazing...It Ranked 4th On Times Magazine On List Of Best Bollywood Classics.... A Must Watch For Everyone :)
  • I loved the performances of Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman very much. They are impeccable. "Guide" is very good adaptation of R.K. Narayan's novel. Vijay Anand's direction is excellent as well. S.D. Burman's great music. All songs are very good. "Gata rahe mera dil" and "Tere mere sapne" are my favourite. This is one the greatest movie made in Indian Cinema till date. This movie have many memorable scenes. Guide is about the many critical situations of life. Ensemble has played a key role in the journey of lead characters. The narrative structure is done well. The dialogue is for the most part excellent - it is rich and meaningful. The second half is much stronger than the first as my opinion.

    10 out of 10 for this movie of course!!!!
  • Director Vijay Anand casts his star brother Dev Anand in a story which demands more than charming presence of Dev Anand. The movie has two very different plots, one about the love hate relationship of Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman, and second Dev Anand being mistaken as a saint who is on fast to bring rains in the drought affected village. Vijay Anand excels in blending the two plots seamlessly. The post interval portion of the movie where Dev Anand's character start realizing the truth of life and death are the scenes where the movie touches the quality of being classic. The movie is packed with wonderful music by S.D.Burman, great songs picturization and the most accomplished performances by its lead actors.

    This movie released in 1965 showcases the bollywood capability of producing international level of cinema.
  • prashant40710 November 2011
    Guide is a movie wherein all the emotions and reactions of love is well pictured. A simple man falls in love for the first time and cannot accept failure, though his love was very unconventional.

    Failure in love makes him,"What worse can happen, I have already felt enough pain". He becomes Devdas and Dev D of modern times. His wants his love to see the pain and suffering he is going through.

    In an unprecedented event he went to jail and later realize that there are other things in life worth living for. In those days going to Jail is a serious character assassination for non-political person.

    When he came out of jail, he saw the world suffering from hunger and poverty. He preached self satisfaction and faith to common masses. The end was really heart touching, he fasted in desert till it rained and the people are blessed.

    The character is not a larger than life image of a Super Star, its a simple man with utmost humble and simple life. Love changes him, then dejection, then humiliation , then poor sections of society and finally he attends wisdom.

    The movie will also be remembered for its melodious songs and meaningful lyrics.

    Hats Off to Anand Brothers.
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