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  • I will add in a review of all the films I've seen that so far lack one, review follows.... A tale of two London boys around 11 years old, one white one black (a bit daring for the time), they are best friends, neither is happy at home so they decide to go to Liverpool to the docks, to stowaway on a ship to Jamaica, for the good life. The film is short just over the hour, the two kids give good natural performances and there is solid support from D.Foster as a policeman on their tail, overall very good. This was shown at the NFT in London (UK) on April 2nd 2012, afterwards the two child stars were interviewed, they had not met since the film was made some 47 years previous, the film was well received by the audience. This was the one remaining film from Director J.O'Connolly that I had not seen, and on reflection I think it is probably his best work, if you get a chance, give it a go, it's only 66m.