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  • Down memory lane with me. In LA around the 60's on the independent TV channel KTTV 11 after the Saturday morning cartoons a western block comprising of 4 to 6 hours of programing took place. From the ages of ten to 16 I would enjoy FRONTIER FURY, BEST OF THE WEST, and THE BIG WESTERN MOVIE. The movie with the US title Guns of Nevada was shown repeatedly. Now I have not seen it since about 1969. It is a West German production but the majority of the actors seem to be Italian or Spanish. Regardless I enjoyed the movie and hope I can obtain on DVD. George Martin is Nevada Joe Dexter a swaggering Shane like hombre who gets involved with 2 women in this town. Like the principals in Johnny Guitar a subtle triangle develops with Joe and the heroines Laura, the head of a ranch hiring him as the ramrod and Mary who is either a saloon gal or owner. My memory may be faulty so bear with me. There is a lot more action in this oater, fist fights gun fights. roping and romance. The ranch owner wears the same sexy black outfit Jane Russell sported in Son of Paleface. She was not pretty like Jane,but her character playing the bossy whip slinging allowed Adrianna Amdesi to make a smoldering impression on me. The nice girl was actually Mary the saloon girl played by Katia Lortiz. I hope that I have the right actresses for the right character. A good foreign entry in to the Western cannon for me with a small twist and a more than satisfactory end. Despite the dubbing and locale I rate this movie as good or better than the first Sergio Leone - Eastwood outing. Maybe because I'm nostalgic or that I still Like old fashion westerns it a little more bit of modern romance.
  • Iberian/Italian Oater Western middlingly shot in Catalunya by Ignacio F Iquino , I.F.I . This stirring tortilla Western packs thrills , shootouts , fights , noisy action , and riding pursuits . Adding an atmospheric musical score by Enrique Escobar , Iquino's ordinary , including agreeable songs . And being mostly filmed in atmospheric and mountainous scenarios on location in Fraga , (Huesca) , similar to Almeria , and a Western village located in ¨Splugues De Llobregat¨ . It is full of familiar faces , assaults , betrayal , exaggerated characters , gun-down , lots of shots , brawls and including habitual secondaries of Spaghetti/Paella Western . It stars Joe Dexter (George Martin) , a famous gunslinger , nicknamed Oeste Nevada Joe , as he arrives in the little town called ¨Golden City¨, a miner town and a dangerous location in which John Randolph (Miguel De La Riva) imposes one 's authority on the frightening citizens and with only opposition of the head of a ranch , Julia Brooks (Adriana Ambesi) . As Dexter helps her to free herself of the despotic individual who exacts his own law , as Julia hires him as her ranch ramdod . Meanwhile , Dexter falls for two beautiful heroines a saloon gal and owner Mary Blue (recently deceased Katia Loritz ) and Julia Brooks .

    This Spanish production filmed in Catalunya contains action , crossfire , drama , treason , high body-count and it's fast moving , being little entertaining and approaching increasingly the American as well as Spaghetti style , but keeping some details that make it special in this particular Paella genre . The picture results to be entertainingly ordinary , but does not allow for the usual subtexts and undercurrents to develop that can make these flicks . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some shoot'em up or stunts every few minutes . It's an exciting western with a subtle loving triangle behind , among George Martin ,Katia Loritz and Adriana Ambesi . And developing a bloody and breathtaking showdown between the starring Jorge Martin and his main enemy , Miguel De La Riva . Starring a mediocre actor , though here giving an acceptable acting , Jorge , ¨George¨ , Martin , as a gunslinger that has been running from vengeful foes for years and vows revenge against villains . The film is well starred by a frequent Spaghetti star , the Spanish George Martin , who worked much for Alfonso Balcazar's factory such as ¨Clint the strange¨, ¨The return the Clint¨, ¨Oeste Nevada Joe¨, Thompson 1880¨ , ¨Taste of killing¨, ¨A pistol for Ringo and ¨The return of Ringo¨ . Support cast is formed by familiar faces from Spaghetti/Chorizo westerns as Cesar Ojinaga ,Gaspar 'Indio' González , Fernando Rubio , Giuseppe Addobbati or John MacDouglas as Doctor and brief intervention by Antonio Iranzo as a tough gunfighter . The picture professionally photographed by Giuseppe La Torre and Julio Pérez de Rozas , though is necessary a fine remastering because the film-copy is washed-out . Mostly filmed in sweeping scenarios on location in Fraga , Huesca , and a Western village located in ¨Splugues De Llobregat¨ built by Balcazar Productions , it resulted to be the location where were shot lots of Western produced and directed by Catalan people as Alfonso Balcazar , J.J. Balcazar , Jose Antonio De La Loma , Juan Bosch, Juan Xiol , Ignacio F. Iquino and Julio Buchs , among others , because Almeria was too far and the landscapes bear remarkable resemblance . There are many fine technicians and nice assistant direction and acceptable production design , creating a decent scenario . Very enjoyable musical score by Enrique Escobar , including catching songs at the beginning and the end .

    And being regularly cinematographed in Eastmancolor/Techniscope , that's why a perfect remastering is necessary . The motion picture was ordinarily produced/directed by prolific filmmaker Ignacio F. Iquino , who often uses pseudonym Steve McCoy . Iquino is considered to be one of the worst filmmakers of Spanish film history . He wrote , directed and produced lots of films by means of his production company : ¨I.F.I.¨ (IFISA) that financed lots of Westerns such as : ¨Oeste Nevada Joe¨ , ¨Ninguno De Los Tres Llamaba Trinidad¨, ¨La Diligencia De Condenados¨, ¨Fabulosos De Trinidad¨, ¨20 Pasos a Muerte¨ , ¨Dólar a Fuego¨, ¨Abre Tu Fosa Llega Sabata¨ ,¨Un colt para 4 cirios¨, and ¨5 Pistolas De Texas¨ also titled ¨Cinque dollars per Ringo¨ (Italian title) or ¨5 rafales por Ringo . Most of them starred by Richard Harrison , Jorge Martin or George Martin , Luis Davila , Daniel Martin or Robert Woods . Iquino was a Spanish craftsman , writing and directing ; working from the 40s in all kind of genres and B movies until the late 80s . Although he also directed acceptable films as ¨Historia De Una Escalera¨ based on Antonio Buero Vallejo's novel , ¨El Judas¨, ¨Angeles Al Volante¨, ¨Tambor Del Bruch¨ and ¨Brigada Criminal¨ at his best . ¨Oeste Nevada Joe¨ is no worthwhile watching , it is far from good, ; however ,it is the sort of movie that you can watch ironically, mock the insanity, and have a good time . Rating : 4.5/10 , being some moments briefly entertaining , though sometimes embarrassing .If you like Chorizo , Paella , Tortilla , Butifarra or Spaghetti westerns , this one remains a little watchable in the final action scenes .